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9 homeopathic ways to improve immunity
October 13, 2021

9 Homeopathic Ways to Improve Immunity

You don’t have to wait for your body to get sick before you start fighting off colds, viruses, and invaders. Try using these natural supplements and strategies to improve your immune system and equip your body Here are 9 homeopathic ways to improve immunity and prime your immune system. Take or Get Vitamin D Every Day.Studies show that Vitamin D levelsmake a difference in the way your body handles viruses like CoVID19. The best source of Vitamin D is from foods and the sun, but supplementing is a great choice if you can’t get outside or live in a place that’s cloudy or cold. Because Vitamin D is fat soluble, make sure you’re taking it with a meal or a spoon full of peanut butter. Prioritize Sleep. The most natural thing you can do to help your immune system is make sure you get enough sleep every night. That show you want to binge will still be there tomorrow. Shut off the screens an hour before bedtime and get good rest. Melatonin and chelated magnesium can help if you have a hard time falling or staying asleep. Sip on Sambucus. The European Elder tree creates flowers and berries that are powerful antioxidants and amazing for supporting your immune system. Liquid versions of elderberry are available at most pharmacies, drug stores, and vitamin shops and called Samubucus nigra. The liquid version tastes good and is very effective. Plus, it’s safe for children. Sip Bone Broth. Chicken soup has long been a natural remedy for illness—but it’s not because of the chicken or the vegetables. It’s because of the bone broth. This powerful source of collagen, vitamins and minerals that can help heal your body when you’re feeling sick or help strengthen your immune system when you’re well. Many companies now sell bone broth in the soups and broth section of the store. Or, you can get some bones and make your own at home. Supplement Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant used for cellular growth and maintenance. CoQ10 can also help protect your heart from damage that comes with certain viruses and illnesses. It’s an easy to find supplement wherever you get your vitamins, but it’s one you should talk to your doctor about taking, if you’re not already. Use N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). If you think you have the virus everyone’s talking about, then talk to your doctor about NAC — a semi-essential amino acid that has been used for decades to treat a host of medical issues. NAC packs a powerful punch for your immune system because it aids in the production of glutathione. NAC can also reduce inflammation, eliminate free radicals, and help replenish natural antioxidant levels.  Check out proBLENopathy Immune Support. Tired of taking abasket of pills every day to boost your immune system? Consider proBLENopathy’s Immune Support Booster. All you do is spray the formula under your tongue a few times a day and you’ll get a boost for your immune system that includes several of the ingredients listed above plus other power immune boosters like: Beta 1 3D Glucan, garlic, apple cider vinegar, olive leaf, maitake muscroom, and cat’s claw bark. Learn more about this powerful immune system builder here.

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is there an advantage to homeopathy
September 7, 2021

Pros and Cons of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a scientifically based way of approaching health and disease that relies on natural remedies and has been used since the 1700s.  You can learn more about the history of homeopathy here. While some believe homeopathy is the only way, others don’t understand its methods. Today, let’s look at the pros and cons of homeopathy so you can decide for yourself if homeopathic medicine is right for you and your family.   Pros Homeopathic medicines use all natural ingredients. While conventional medicines rely on man-made chemicals and formulas, homeopathic medicine uses ingredients from nature—combined and diluted to help treat your symptoms. Homeopathic formulas are not addictive.Natural ingredients like minerals, plant, and animal products are diluted so that the homeopathic formula, though still potent, has no addictive traits. Homeopathic formulas have virtually no side effects.Unlike the chemicals in modern medicines, homeopathic formulas won’t cause side effects that can make you worse off than before you took the medicine! The only potential side effects that come with homeopathic formulas are the detox effect that can happen with certain formulas when they’re first used. But with plenty of water, your body will detox quickly and the symptoms of detoxification will go away.  Homeopathic formulas are affordable.Let’s be honest: medicine has become outrageously expensive. Even the prices on over-the-counter medicines seem to be rising. Depending on what you take and what you’re trying to treat—you may find yourself paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for medicines. Homeopathic formulas are more affordable—gentler on your body and on your wallet. Homeopathy looks to treat the root cause of the disease. While some medicines just mask your symptoms, homeopathic formulas target the root cause—attempting to aid the body in the healing process.   Cons   Homeopathic formulas can take longer to work. Many homeopathic medicines start working right away but you won’t feel that they are working for days, weeks, or longer. This is one of the biggest obstacles for people trying homeopathic remedies. It requires patience to let the formula get into your system and do what it is supposed to do. Homeopathic effectiveness varies. Another challenge with homeopathy is that every body will respond differently. Some may experience tremendous effectiveness with one formula or a combination of formulas, while others don’t see the same results. Working with a functional doctor or homeopathic provider can help you find the best formulas and combination of formulas for your ailments.  Not all homeopathic formulas are created equally. Not every homeopathic formula is equal in strength or effectiveness. That’s why it’s best to buy from names you trust, read reviews, and look for assurances of product strength and efficacy (such as independent testing or trials). You can waste a lot of money on products labeled homeopathic that don’t work.  Homeopathic formulas may require multiple doses a day. Many of the most effective homeopathic formulas will require you to use the product multiple times a day. If you’re used to just popping a single pill in the morning, it may take some time to get into the habit of remembering to dose at lunchtime, in the afternoon, or before bed. The good news is—the added dosing will help your product work well. But, for some, it can be hard to remember those additional dosages. Set a reminder on your phone so you don’t skip a dose and you can easily overcome this challenge.   You can determine for yourself if homeopathy is right for you–but as you can see from the list above–there are many reasons you may want to give it a try! If you’re ready to see if homeopathic formulas will work for you—here are a few proven, safe, effective, and natural products to try.

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long history of natural remedies
June 3, 2021

Homeopathy: A Long History of Natural Remedies

Did you know that homeopathy has been around for centuries? In fact, there’s a long and rich history of natural remedies and their usage around the world. In the late 1700s Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a medical school graduate, started his own medical practice. But Hahnemann was disillusioned with the common medical practices of the day. Bloodletting, purging, and toxic chemicals didn’t seem, in his estimation, to be the best way to practice medicine. So, Hahnemann began experimenting with alternative remedies made from natural substances. Eventually, he stopped practicing and went into the lab—becoming a chemist and, at the same time, working as a translator of medical texts. In his translation work he discovered the principle of “similars” –or what homeopaths now recognize as the “Law of Similars.” The Law of Similars is the theory that like cures like or “similar symptoms” produced can offer similar cures. For example, Hahnemann learned that the bark of a species of tree in South America that was used to treat malaria-induced fevers. Interestingly though, this bark, when ingested, caused similar symptoms to those caused by the actual disease—malaria. Thus, he concluded, using substances that may invoke similar symptoms in healthy person may be effective to treat someone suffering with those symptoms in sickness. This concept remains a tenant of homeopathy today. Another main tenant of homeopathy is the concept that the human body has the ability to cure itself. This concept has also been researched, studied and explored for hundreds of years. In fact, the first Homeopathic Medical School in the United States was founded in the late 1800s. By the early 1900s, schools such as Stanford, Boston University, and New York Medical College were all teaching homeopathy. The practice became very popular because of how successfully homeopathic medicine was treating rampant diseases of the era. The early 1900s was a time when scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever were killing many. By the early 1900s there were 22 homeopathic medical schools and 100 homeopathic practicing hospitals. But, with the advent of modern drug companies in the early 1920s, came a shift away from natural cures. As pharmaceutical companies began to work with doctors to release their engineered medications, homeopathic traditions were replaced. Many of the U.S. schools that were teaching homeopathy, shifted towards a focus on treatment using modern medicines. Around the globe, homeopathic remedies and medicines remained popular and homeopathy has flourished in many parts of the world because homeopathic remedies are generally more affordable, all-natural, have no side effects (or harsh chemicals), and no drug interactions. Homeopathic medicines have been helping people for centuries. Though we haven’t been around that long, for more than 25 years proBLEN has helped customers live young and age well with its assortment of all natural homeopathic formulas to help you balance your hormones. proBLEN’s products are regulated by the FDA, created by doctors, and tested for effectiveness. If you’re struggling with the impact of low or imbalanced hormones, check out our full assortment of safe, affordable, and use from home, homeopathic boosters here.

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January 8, 2019

Understanding Homeopathy

Ever since its development in the early 19th century, homeopathic medicine has produced results for millions of people throughout the world. Homeopathy works on the principle that the body is its own best healer, and homeopathic medicines are formulated to stimulate the body's own immune system and vital energies.

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