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setting easy health resolutions in 2022
January 5, 2022

Must-Try, Easy Health Resolutions for the New Year

Does your excitement for reaching your health goals wane as winter goes on? Some say the main reason why so many of us fail to reach our New Year’s health goals is we attempt to do too much at one time. We need easy health resolutions for the new year! It’s the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare. We all become speed racers in January, sprinting towards our goals. But, remember, it’s the tortoise that wins the race. The sprinters burn out before February, but those who take a gradual and gentle approach to meeting their health goals often find success. Here are a few healthy resolutions you can make this year. Each of these is simple to incorporate in your daily life without interrupting your lifestyle. Add one per week, each week this month. Watch as these daily habits make a difference in the way you look and feel. 1) Drink a glass of water every morning. If your morning pee looks a little dark, this could be a signal that your body is dehydrated. Don’t worry, most of us are in the morning. So, fill a glass of water and put it beside your bed at night. Then, upon waking, drink the water. You’ll be surprised how invigorating drinking a full glass of water can make you feel. Plus, you’ll start the day feeling hydrated!   2) Add some intentional breathing each evening. Before you head to the pantry, take a full minute and focus on deep inhales and exhales. Apple watch and other gadgets now have programs to guide you through a full minute of deep breathing. Truth is, most of us don’t stop and breathe nearly enough. Our bodies need the oxygen to help us deal with stress, give us clarity, and improve our energy. Just stop and breathe and see what a difference it makes this year!   3) Try a proBLENopathy booster. If you’re tired of adding another pill to your supplement regiment, I have good news for you. proBLEN’s hormone boosters are easy-to-use sprays. They are safe, affordable, and effective and so easy to turn into a new health habit.   Whether you struggle with low Testosterone, hot flashes and other menopause symptoms, or low energy levels—proBLEN has a booster for you. Each of our boosters are safe, all natural, and FDA registered. Look at the full line of boosters here and see which ones are right for you. Our detox products may also help you kickstart your health goals. We stand behind our professionally blended products. You have nothing to lose! Look at the full line of proBLENopathy hormone boosters and detox products here.

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does your body need a detox how to tell and best natural detox
December 3, 2020

Detox Time? How to Tell if Your Body Needs a Natural Detox

The holidays can be taxing on our bodies! Stress, sugar, environmental toxins, and chemicals in our food put a strain on all of our systems that can leave us feeling sluggish, foggy, or blah. Our bodies were designed to detoxify themselves, but sometimes when all the toxins hit at once–the organs designed to help us detox need a little help to get the job done. Wondering if you need a little help in this area? Here’s how to tell if your body needs a natural detox. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Feel Fuzzy in the Head or Have Chronic Headaches Brain feel foggy? Head won’t stop hurting but you know you’re not sick, hugry, or dehydrated? These could be signs that your body is crying for detoxification help.  Without another medical explanation, headaches are often a sign that something is going on in your body and your body wants you to take notice. Toxin overload can also cause brain fog—that feeling where you just can’t think clearly. The good news is, after a few days or weeks of detoxing, these symptoms usually alleviate themselves. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Have Digestive Issues Constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating and other digestive issues can be signs that your digestive system is slowing down and “gunked” up. Toxins are normally to blame. Processed foods, sugar, and a lack of fiber can all put a strain on your colon and intestines making things move along a lot slower than they should. Watching your diet, focusing on nutrient-rich, fibrous, and raw foods can help aid your detoxification process. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Have Skin Issues Dry, wrinkled, dull skin or acne and rashes—these are all ways your skin can exhibit signs of toxin overload. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and an important part of the excretory system. But, sometimes the toxic load is too high and your skin will show the signs of being bogged down with toxins. Drinking a lot of fresh water can help you flush your system while using a homeopathic detox product to gently inspire your body to flush what it needs to so your skin can look bright and clear. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You’re Always Tired Fatigue and sluggishness are other signs that your body is working too hard to try to get rid of the toxins slowing it down. If you sleep all night and still wake up tired, or if you find yourself leaning heavily on caffeine and sugar to stay awake through the day—consider the reality that it is time for a detox! Detoxing Made Simple With ProBLEN Some detox products require you to commit to extended time at home while you eat their foods (and stay close to the toilet). But, ProBLEN offers an easier, gentler, and affordable homeopathic detox spray that you can use daily while going about your normal life. ProBLEN’s Air Detox spray can clear toxins from your lungs so that you’re better able to fight viral invaders such respiratory illnesses. ProBLEN’s Metals Detox works to purify your body of toxins you’re exposed to daily. Did you know that these toxins exist in almost everything from our hand soaps and shampoos to make up to food, packaging (like Tupperware), and even the environment? Each product offers a natural and effective way to aid your body’s natural detoxification systems so you can feel relief from the symptoms of toxin overload. Find out more about ProBLEN’s safe and affordable detox products here.  

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omega 3 powerful supplement for whole body
September 1, 2020

Omega-3: A Powerhouse Supplement for Living Young and Aging Well

Omega 3 fatty-acids have benefits for almost every aspect of your health. In fact, there are so many health benefits to omega-3 fatty-acids, it’s hard to find an online source that lists them all! So, here’s a comprehensive list of the way Omega 3 fatty acids help you live young and age well! Omega 3 Benefits for Your Heart & Blood Pressure Omega 3 fatty acids can lower your blood pressure, reduce your triglycerdes (lowering “bad” cholesterol), slow the development of plaque in the arteries, and reduce your chances of heart attack or stroke. Some studies show that supplementing omega-3 can reduce the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease. Omega-3s can keep blood platelets from clumping together preventing blood clots. Additionally, omega-3s reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. Omega-3 Benefits for Your Mind & Mood Studies show that people who take omega-3s regularly are less likely to be depressed. Already struggling? When people with depression or anxiety start taking omega-3 supplements, their symptoms improve. Of the three types of omega-3 fatty acids: ALA, EPA, and DHA, it’s EPA that seems to be most effective at fighting depression. Pregnant women are often instructed to take DHA or feed their baby DHA-fortified formula to promote brain health and development. In fact, these omega-3s are critical for development and brain growth in infants. DHA accounts for more than one half of the fatty acids in the retina of your eye and 40% of the polyunsaturadted fatty acids in your brain –making it critical to your mental health and eye sight. In fact, studies show that infants who get enough omega-3s during pregnancy and infancy have higher intelligence, better eye sight, reduced risk of developmental and behavioral issues, and a decreased risk of ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy. Omega-3s Can Reduce Metabolic Issues and Symptoms Omega-3s can help with a variety of metabolic syndrome conditions including insulin resistance and belly fat. More studies proving the connection between omega-3s and improved metabolic response, could have a significant impact on the public health crisis surrounding diabetes and related illnesses. Omega-3s Can Fight Inflammation Omega-3s are a fantastic defense against inflammation. Stress, injury, or infection can cause inflammation. But, prolonged periods of stress can lead to chronic inflammation that has been linked to cancer, heart disease, and other health issues. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the production of molecules linked to inflammation like cytokines and eicosanoids. Omega-3s are Good for Your Skin Omega-3 fatty acids can help your skin look and feel younger. EPA & DHA both have a role in helping your cell membranes stay healthy. EPA specifically helps you manage oil production and hydration, reduces premature aging, and reduces the risk of acne. Omega-3s Can Improve Immune Response New research shows that omega-3s can even improve immune function. Studies dating back decades have shown that fighting inflammation can help improve immune response and also aid T cell response. Because omega-3s have an incredible impact on helping you live young and age well, ProBLEN has included omega-3s in its newest product: our ProBLEN Telomere/DNA Booster. This product is designed to temporarily support the body’s ability to maintain or rebuild telomere length, aid cellular function, and guard against cellular damage. In addition to a proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients, ProBLEN has boosted this formula with omega-3s, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. These powerful vitamins, working in symphony with ingredients to support your DNA and Telomeres, when combined with omega-3 fatty acids, can play a powerful role in helping you live young and age well. Find out more here. Or check out the full line of homeopathic supplements designed to help you live young and age well.

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how to protect your DNA Telomeres from Disease and live longer
April 29, 2020

Could Your DNA Protect You from COVID19 and Other Diseases?

While scientists are frantically working to develop a cure for COVID19, one thing is for certain. The health of our DNA and its role in vaccine development are more important now than ever before in history. Some call them the vaccines of the future. Now DNA gene-based vaccines may offer the best hope of finding a “cure” for COVID 19 and other viruses that follow.

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June 1, 2019

Can’t Lose Weight? Is Your Thyroid to Blame?

When it comes to weight loss, we’ll try anything, right? The diet and exercise industries make billions of dollars each year because we’re desperate to shed those

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April 12, 2019

Decrease Inflammation Naturally Using Insulin-Growth Factors

Inflammation is one of the hottest new buzzwords in the health world. It’s easy to discern that too much inflammation is bad for our bodies. But do you know why?

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February 5, 2019

This February Naturally Improve Your Sexual Vitality With These Three Steps

Have you felt the effects of aging on your sex life? Do you ever wish that sex could be as enjoyable and easy as it was ten or twenty years ago? Does it feel like your libido left town sometime after your fiftieth birthday?

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October 8, 2018

Winter is Coming! Seasonal Immune System Hacks

With chillier weather right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about how to plan for one of the worst parts of the year: cold and flu season. We all notice that we start feeling under the weather right around the holidays, when stress, bad weather, and holiday eating habits all take a toll on our bodies.

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May 4, 2018

How to Improve Your Sleep

People today are facing an epidemic of sleep problems. The science is conclusive as to the harmful effects of not enough sleep — people don't function at normal levels either physically or mentally, which makes them irritable, stressed, and even dangerous in situations where attention and concentration are required, like driving. Poor sleep also impacts overall health and harms everything from your immune system to your muscle strength and your cognitive abilities.

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April 24, 2018

How to Absorb Nutrients More Effectively

Most of us do our best when it comes to eating healthy, but most do not realize that eating healthy is only as effective as your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. When your body intakes food it breaks down and absorbs each nutrient, having balanced DNA and RNA levels helps to ensure that your body is effectively absorbing all the nutrients it needs. On average, the body only absorbs a small portion of nutrients that it intakes, meaning that a lot of the foods we eat for a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be improperly absorbed.

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February 21, 2018

The Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

It's often said that when you're looking for something to give your body a boost, there's nothing better than a natural supplement. It's completely true that Nature can be a treasure trove of healthful additions to our lives, and we can find many different ways to help our bodies, whether you want to fill gaps in your nutrition, speed up your healing processes, recover from exercise faster, or meet other health and fitness goals.

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