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Hormone Booster

The Thyroid Hormone Booster by ProBLEN® is one of our newest homeopathic hormone supplements specially formulated to help combat the signs and symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid.

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Hormone Booster

ProBLEN Thyroid Booster combats signs & symptoms of an imbalanced Thyroid. Our homeopathic booster supports naturally balanced weight levels, depression, improves immunity & more, safely and with no side effects.

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Reverse Aging

Unbalanced thyroid can affect mood, primarily causing anxiety, depression, and stress — the key causes attributable to aging.

Weight Management

Unusually low thyroid levels are most common among people. When thyroid levels become low, the body may experience unexpected weight gain.

Improve Health

When the thyroid is imbalanced, the immune system is affected. This imbalance may cause a variety of immune system diseases.

Improve Sleep

Our thyroid helps regulate almost every system within our body; when thyroid hormone levels are low, our bodies experience fatigue during the day and poor sleep at night.

Why It Matters


Thyroid makes hormones that control the way the body uses energy. It also controls the body's metabolism, which controls how the body converts food into energy. When thyroid hormone levels remain balanced, energy levels will remain balanced.

Immune System

Immune system malfunctions can be at the root of most diseases and health problems. The immune system can be affected if thyroid levels are too high or too low. If the immune system suffers, the body does too. The thyroid plays a pivotal role in keeping the immune system intact and healthy.


Problems with the thyroid can affect aspects of the body both mentally and physically. Unbalanced thyroids can affect your mood, primarily causing anxiety or depression. An overactive thyroid may cause unusual nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, and irritability, while an under-active thyroid may cause mild to severe fatigue and depression.

Thyroid | ProBLEN