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Telomere/DNA Supplement

Hormone Booster

Using specially formulated ingredients, ProBLENopathy Telomere/DNA homeopathic supplement supports your body’s ability to aid and replicate DNA and preserve telomere length—two keys to cellular health.

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Telomere/DNA Supplement | ProBLEN

Telomere/DNA Supplement

Hormone Booster

Help your body restore this vital aspect of your well being with ProBLENopathy Telomere/DNA supplement homeopathic spray. This natural booster offers a safe and effective way to boost your telomeres and protect your cellular health. ProBLENopathy all-natural Telomere/DNA supplement is a hormone booster that also includes Omega 3, CA-98, and a full range of vitamins—including B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E to help you live young and age well, with no side effects.

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Boost Energy

When your cells aren’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy. You’ll lack energy and vitality. Shortened telomeres lead to DNA damage—which can zap your energy and leave you feeling bad. Without proper cellular function, your sex hormones will experience a decline, leading to a decrease in drive and sexual function issues. Find your spark again by supporting cellular health with ProBLEN’s homeopathic Telomere/DNA remedy.

Improve Health

You are only as healthy as your DNA. Being able to fight sickness and disease effectively depends on your body’s ability to make new healthy cells, quickly. Warding off bacteria, viruses, and disease requires a coordinated effort from the immune system. If DNA is damaged, cells can’t properly reproduce or communicate with each other, and you get sick. Use ProBLEN’s Telomere/DNA booster to keep your cells healthy so your whole body can feel healthier. With added vitamins, Omega 3, and other ingredients, your immune system will really get the boost it needs to fight for your health.

Reverse Aging

The faster your hair, skin, and nail cells replicate, the younger you look. Because DNA and RNA are central to cellular repair and new cell growth, any damage to your DNA results in weak or brittle nails, dry, breakage-prone, thinning hair, and other visible signs of aging in the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles. ProBLEN’s Telomere/DNA booster helps your cells function properly so you can look your best.


DNA and RNA are central to the body’s most core functions, which affect everything from the inside out, including our mood. Maintaining DNA and RNA levels restore your body’s means of communicating and synthesizing among your cells, which raises the efficiency of nearly all your internal systems.

Why It Matters

Aging Improvements

Aging can be graceful and beautiful; the body's exterior reflects that. ProBLEN's Telomeres / DNA can improve not only the color and smoothness of skin, but also the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne by re-balancing DNA and RNA.

Immune System

DNA and RNA are responsible for delivering innate messages to the body to let it know which viruses and bacteria are foreign, and need to be fought off. If this factor weakens this important message, the chance of getting sick is greater and can occur more often. ProBLEN's Telomeres / DNA can boost the body's natural defense messengers safely, naturally, and with no side effects.

Nutrient Absorption

One can ingest vitamins and nutrients in many forms, but if the body doesn't absorb them properly and efficiently, it doesn't benefit much. ProBLEN's Telomeres / DNA supports the natural ability to process and absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed every day.

Telomere/DNA Supplement | ProBLEN