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ProBLENopathy Metals Detox is a homeopathic oral spray formulated to support the body to detoxify metals, including mercury, aluminum, lead, nickel, and more. Relieve symptoms associated with metal toxicity such as poor concentration, headaches, changes in mood, fatigue, muscle aches, and difficulty sleeping. Metals Detox has no side effects or known drug interactions. Heavy metals accumulate in toxic amounts in the soft tissues of our bodies. Heavy metal toxicity causes symptoms such as: poor concentration, headaches, mood changes, fatigue, muscle aches, and difficulty sleeping. Now you can aid your body to naturally detox heavy metal buildup. ProBLENopathy Metal Detox is a homeopathic oral spray formulated to support the body to detoxify metals including mercury, aluminum, metallic arsenic, lead, nickel and more. ProBLEN Metal Detox has no side effects or known drug interactions and is a safe, effective way to help your body feel healthy again. Benefits of Using Metals Detox

  • You Can Feel Better Overexposure to heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury can leave us feeling sick and tired. The subtle build up of these metallic toxins can, over time, pollute our bodies and leave us wondering why we feel so bad. Headaches, a common symptom of metal toxicity, can negatively affect our quality of life. ProBLEN’s Metal Detox is a safe way to help rid your body of these toxins that make you feel sick.
  • You Can Sleep Better Metal toxicity can interrupt sleep, which can leave you feeling tired, lethargic, and affect your mental clarity. Adding ProBLEN’s Metal Detox to your morning routine is an easy way to promote better sleep.
  • Your Mood Can Improve Overexposure to metals can affect your disposition. Metal toxicity has been associated with depression, anxiety, and irritability. Gently and naturally detoxifying metal build up from your system can elevate your mood and calm anxious thoughts.
  • Your Digestion Disturbances Can Resolve: Heavy metal build up can cause problems in your gut too. Weak digestion, upset stomach, and other digestive issues can be helped by safely detoxifying your body using ProBLEN’s metal detox.
Harmful Heavy Metals Our bodies require small amounts of many metals—like iron—to keep our bodies healthy. But some of the most commonly used heavy metals can have a harmful impact on our health and well-being. Some acute symptoms associated with these metals include:
  •  Headaches,
  •  Abdominal pain and cramping,
  •  Nausea,
  •  Vomiting,
  •  Diarrhea,
  •  Fatigue, and
  •  Difficulty breathing.
Look at this list of potentially toxic metals, associated symptoms, and some of their sources: Aluminum: Aluminum is found in everything from anti-perspirants and toothpaste to baking soda. Scientists have long acknowledged that aluminum accumulates in your brain, kills neurons, and can lead to memory loss. Other symptoms of aluminum toxicity include feelings of restlessness, confusion, and headaches. Metallic Arsenic: Arsenic is found in motor vehicle emissions, but also in foods like rice and even apple juice (arsenic can accumulate in the seeds.) Symptoms of over exposure include headaches, swelling of the fingers and hands, difficulty making a fist, and daytime drowsiness. Mercury: Mercury, found in amalgam fillings, certain types of fish, cookware, and other foods, lowers T-cell counts, which leads to a weakened immune system and susceptibility to cancers, autoimmune disease, and brain damage. Mercury toxicity can manifest as abdominal discomfort, mental confusion, and headaches. Nickel: Nickel can be found in the air, in our water, in foods like imitation whipped cream and shellfish, and in cosmetics. Headaches, weak digestion, pain in the limbs, feelings of weakness (especially in the evening) can all be signs of Nickel toxicity. Lead: Found in everything from paint to power plant pollution, lead toxicity can lead to stomach and nerve discomfort and reproductive problems. One dangerous source of Lead is our drinking water—as water absorbs lead from the pipes it travels into our homes. Radium: Radium naturally occurs in the environment so trace amounts present in our food and water. Symptoms of Radium Bromide over exposure include feelings of irritability, restlessness, body aches and pains, and fatigue. Tin: Most of our tin exposure comes from eating foods that are stored in cans. Canned tomatoes, pineapples, pears, and tomato products all contain t he highest concentrations of tin. Tin toxicity can lead to feelings of anxiousness, dizziness, and weakness. How Metals Detox Can Help Metals like mercury and lead are absorbed into our foods. Pollution from diesel exhaust and factory emissions contains heavy metals. Even soaps, lotions, toys from China, hydrogenated oils, batteries, dentures and fillings, and jewelry can all contain heavy metals. Completely avoiding heavy metals isn’t just difficult—it’s practically impossible. But, if you're feeling symptoms of having metals toxicity, it's time to take action. Studies show that heavy metals may be to blame in diseases ranging from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to Epilepsy and cardiovascular disease. For this reason, regularly detoxifying your body with a safe and affordable homeopathic remedy like ProBLENopathy Metals Detox spray can naturally help your body combat the negative effects of heavy metal exposure as it moves them out of your system.

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Metals Detox | ProBLEN

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Metals Detox | ProBLEN