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HGH Original

Hormone Booster

ProBLEN HGH is a formulated Over-The-Counter (OTC) hormone booster that naturally helps improve the body's production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), reversing the signs of aging and restoring many of the body's functions.

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HGH Original | ProBLEN

HGH Original

Hormone Booster

HGH booster hormone supplements support symptoms associated with low or imbalanced HGH. Backed by independent clinical studies, ProBLEN HGH has been a proven formula for 15 years & naturally stimulates the body's pituitary gland & growth hormone levels with no side effects.

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Boost Energy

HGH supports the body's ability to improve oxygen in the blood supply by improving lung and cardiovascular functions. Increased oxygen means more energy, improved vitality, and greater stamina.

Improve Health

The thymus gland helps mature the body's T cells, blood cells that defend our bodies from antigens. As we age, our thymus gland begins to shrink, restricting the body's ability to produce adequate T cells, making us vulnerable to illness.

Reverse Aging

Research shows that HGH helps to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging. Studies show that HGH levels drop by about 14% every 10 years. Lower levels of HGH lead to fatigue, weight gain, and sleep disorders, increasing the rate of aging in our body.

Weight Management

HGH is produced in our pituitary gland. As we age, our pituitary gland begins to slow down and produces less HGH, hindering recovery, muscle maintenance, and weight loss. ProBLEN HGH aids the body in repairing cell and muscle tissue faster, more effectively, and safely.

Why It Matters

Boost Energy

HGH improves collagen synthesis, which improves muscle strength and capacity & strengthens tendons. It also speeds up the healing process and increases bone strength, which leaves the bones less prone to fractures or breaks and speeds up the healing process in the case that they are harmed. The muscles are also able to recover more quickly so people can exercise more often without feeling as fatigued.

Cognitive Function

HGH can be very helpful in regulating moods and emotions in adults with HGH deficiencies. The hormone helps to raise endorphin levels, reduce stress, and improve focus. HGH can also help balance sleep cycles. Hormones are produced in the first couple of hours after falling asleep, so if people have trouble sleeping, they may not reach peak hormone production. HGH can also repair brain cells and help the brain with memory functions, learning, and other cognitive functions.

Weight Loss

Metabolism often slows throughout the aging process, but HGH can help it increase to former levels. Individuals with slow metabolisms often have a difficult time burning calories, and someone with a faster metabolism will burn more calories with the same amount of work. The hormone also helps the body digest lipids and often helps decrease fat around the abdomen.

HGH Original | ProBLEN