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HGH Complex

Hormone Booster

ProBLEN HGH Complex is an amino-acid based, hormone-free supplement that treats the signs and symptoms associated with low or imbalanced Human Growth Hormone (HGH). After age 30, HGH levels begin to decline. This results in symptoms that may make you feel and look older.

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HGH Complex | ProBLEN

HGH Complex

Hormone Booster

ProBLENopathy HGH Complex is an amino-acid based, hormone-free supplement that treats the signs and symptoms associated with low or imbalanced Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH Complex has a host of benefits. By stimulating your body’s production of Human Growth Hormone, you can: Increase your energy; Improve your cardiac and lung function; Lose weight, build muscle, and lower cholesterol; Minimize wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging; Stop or slow hair loss; Improve the quality of your sleep quality, and; Increase sexual vitality. If you're looking for a hormone free way to boost HGH safely and naturally, HGH Complex is an easy-to-use and natural supplement to try.

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Improve Health

Keeping you healthy by fighting invaders like viruses, bacteria, and infections is one important role of HGH. Increased HGH levels spark production of T-cells in your thymus gland that run your immune system. In other words: Improve your HGH levels, improve your immunity.

Boost Energy

Feeling old and tired? If your energy has disappeared and you’re wondering how to get it back, improving HGH may be your answer. Using amino acids, not hormones ProBLEN’s HGH Complex helps your body boost HGH levels so your energy can return. You may also see your sleep quality improve, which results in even more energy. Your age doesn’t have to slow you down. Pump your energy back up with HGH Complex.


If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, and hopeless or despairing, your health may be partially to blame. Studies show that when you feel better physically, your mood and outlook on life also improve. HGH Complex can help you feel more energetic and alive—naturally elevating your mood and your zest for life. In clinical studies of ProBLEN’s HGH Original Formula, 94% of those using the spray reported a noticeable boost in their mood. HGH Complex offers the same boost, only without hormones.

Weight Management

HGH levels play a huge role in balancing these hormones. With proper levels of HGH, you can also keep your metabolism burning faster, so you’ll have the boost you need to lose weight. ProBLEN’s HGH Complex can help safely boost your body’s production of HGH so you can feel better and finally lose the weight, naturally.

Why It Matters

Aging Improvements

The secret to looking younger and reversing the effects of aging isn’t found in expensive creams or cosmetics. Stronger nails, thicker hair, and beautiful skin comes when you improve your health from the inside out.

Improve Libido

If your drive is low and your performance is lacking, low HGH is likely to blame. Boosting HGH can do wonders for your libido and sexual function. As you get older, your pituitary gland doesn’t produce as much HGH as it did when you were younger. This leads to a decline in hormone levels, and without enough of these hormones—your interest in and enjoyment of sex can plummet. Using ProBLEN’s HGH Original formula, 75% of men and women reported enhanced sexual energy and function. Find similar results with ProBLEN’s HGH Complex formula to elevate your HGH and reinvigorate your sex life.

Mental Clarity

Tired of feeling like your brain’s in a fog? Did you know that low or imbalanced hormones can play a huge role in your mental clarity? When HGH levels are low, you can feel “fuzzy” or mentally dull. But, when HGH levels are restored to normal, that brain fog can lift, and you can think clearly again. Try ProBLEN’s HGH Complex and improve your mental clarity.

HGH Complex | ProBLEN