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Estrogen & Progesterone Hormone Booster

Hormone Booster

ProBLEN’s homeopathic Estrogen & Progesterone booster is specially formulated to stimulate the body's own production of estrogen and progesterone naturally and without any side effects.

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Estrogen & Progesterone Hormone Booster | ProBLEN

Estrogen & Progesterone Hormone Booster

Hormone Booster

ProBLENopathy Estrogen & Progesterone hormone booster supplement supports symptoms associated with low or imbalanced Estrogen and Progesterone hormone levels, which can include improved mood reduced mood swings, hot flashes, low energy & sexual vitality, all with no side effects.

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Improve Sleep

Cimicifuga Race mesa 3X, an active ingredient in our Estrogen & Progesterone boosters, helps relieve apprehension and sleeplessness. The increased imbalance of hormones can be an unsettling process that contributes to your inability to fall asleep and insomnia.

Weight Management

As women begin to age, they experience significant changes in their estrogen levels. Decreases in vital hormones, such as estrogen, are commonly associated with menopause and, more specifically, weight gain. The imbalance of these hormone levels may cause traditional weight maintenance metrics, such as diet and exercise, to become ineffective.


Estrogen is a primarily female hormone responsible for influencing the emotional, physical, and psychological states of women, along with perceptible changes in behavior. Lower levels of estrogen may cause an increase in mood swings and irritability.

Reverse Aging

Menopause is a natural part of the aging process that results from the shutdown of the reproductive system. Although menopause cannot be avoided, you can ease the symptoms by safely increasing your body's production of estrogen and progesterone.

Why It Matters


As hormones fluctuate and the female body attempts to adjust, symptoms can occur that are both physical and mental. Some symptoms can be frustrating and uncomfortable, negatively affecting one's quality of life. Of these, energy is an important factor — proBLEN's Estrogen & Progesterone Formula reports a positive result on all counts.

Hormone Imbalance

The two major female hormones produced by the ovaries are estrogen and progesterone. As early as age 30, the female body's hormone production may decline. These hormones have an effect on tissue in the central nervous system, bones, liver, and the urinary tract.

PMS & Menopause

Recent studies have shown that estrogen production can be decreased by as much as 90% during menopause. Because the female body relies heavily on these hormones, it has been shown that hormone replacement therapy is key for a woman who wants to retain their quality of life.

Estrogen & Progesterone Hormone Booster | ProBLEN