Detoxification has become a trend in health. But, there are two big reasons your body needs to detox. They are: pollution and metals.

It’s likely you know that detoxification is good for your body. But did you know that without detoxification, your body can suffer from a host of symptoms related to the toxins in our food, water, products, and air?

When you help your body safely and naturally detox, you can find relief for a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches and poor digestion, to poor sleep and depressed mood. proBLENopathy’s two new products were designed to help you do just that. Using our Lung Detox and Metals Detox products can help your body stay healthy and energetic, while helping you sleep better and feel happier.

Here’s more information on these two natural, homeopathic detox formulas:

proBLENopathy Lung Detox

This easy to use spray is designed to support the detoxification of your lungs. Viruses (like CoVID19) are just one type of invader that can enter your body and cause strain on your respiratory system and lungs. Pollutants like smoke, smog, and manufacturing emissions can also junk up your respiratory system and make it feel harder for you to breathe.

Symptoms of lung toxicity can include poor concentration, headaches, mental fatigue, muscle aches, shakes, and more. Though many of these symptoms could be associated with other medical issues—if you’ve tried alternate ways to get relief and still are struggling, it’s often the toxins that, stealthily affect our health. Keep your body cleared of toxins and watch your health improve with this amazing, affordable, and easy-to-use lung detoxification product.

proBLENopathy Metals Detox

Hidden traces of metals can be found in everything from our Tupperware to our paint. Metal may be in the fillings in our teeth, in our water, or in our food. Our body accumulates these metal toxins in its soft tissues and start to leave us feeling bad. Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury seep into our system and make us sick and tired. Metallic toxins are associated with headaches, poor sleep, mood disruptions, and poor digestion.

Using proBLENopathy Metal Detox you can safely and effectively fight heavy metal exposure. A few sprays a day can help your body gently and naturally get rid of toxins so you can feel better.

Skip the detox pills and nasty tasting detox beverage products and try proBLENopathy’s new homeopathic sublingual spray detox products. Find out more about the Metals Detox and Lung Detox here.