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May 1, 2019

Metal Toxicity, Tupperware, and Detoxing Your Body

Americans have been using plastic containers and lids to store, save, and transport food for decades. In the 1948, an American plastics company called Tupperware held its first ever, “Tupperware party.” Since then, millions of bowls, measuring cups, and storage containers bearing the Tupperware label have been sold and used.

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April 12, 2019

Decrease Inflammation Naturally Using Insulin-Growth Factors

Inflammation is one of the hottest new buzzwords in the health world. It’s easy to discern that too much inflammation is bad for our bodies. But do you know why?

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April 8, 2019

Boost IGF and Help Your Body Fight Inflammation

Did you know that boosting your body’s level of a hormone called “IGF” (Insulin-like Growth Factor) could help you effectively fight inflammation?

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March 5, 2019

Hormone Booster Product Bundles: Create Synergy for Great Results

Our bodies contain an amazing array of systems and processes, most which happen without us consciously doing anything. But when one organ starts to struggle, it can lead to a break down in other systems that may seem unrelated. And that’s when we’re most likely to notice that something’s not right.

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February 5, 2019

This February Naturally Improve Your Sexual Vitality With These Three Steps

Have you felt the effects of aging on your sex life? Do you ever wish that sex could be as enjoyable and easy as it was ten or twenty years ago? Does it feel like your libido left town sometime after your fiftieth birthday?

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January 8, 2019

Understanding Homeopathy

Ever since its development in the early 19th century, homeopathic medicine has produced results for millions of people throughout the world. Homeopathy works on the principle that the body is its own best healer, and homeopathic medicines are formulated to stimulate the body's own immune system and vital energies.

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January 3, 2019

Importance of DNA/RNA replication

It’s the one thing that distinguishes the living from the dead: the ability to reproduce. The trillions of cells in our bodies replicate themselves over and again, replacing dying cells with new cells—carbon copies of the previous cell—thanks to DNA.

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October 8, 2018

Winter is Coming! Seasonal Immune System Hacks

With chillier weather right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about how to plan for one of the worst parts of the year: cold and flu season. We all notice that we start feeling under the weather right around the holidays, when stress, bad weather, and holiday eating habits all take a toll on our bodies.

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October 2, 2018

Sugar and the Body: What Happens?

Sugar is often hidden in foods when we don’t even realize it, even if they’re not necessarily “sweet”. Foods like flavored yogurts, cereal, crackers, smoothies, instant oatmeal, sauces, bread, salad dressing, and sports drinks can have large amounts of sugar.

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September 24, 2018

Matcha: The Surprising Benefits

The benefits of green tea have been preached for years, but the benefits of matcha have only recently become popular. What exactly is the difference between matcha and green tea, and why should you be drinking it?

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September 10, 2018

Think you might have a thyroid problem?

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck. It’s made up of two different sections connected by a thin piece of tissue. Although it’s only about two inches long, it has many responsibilities.

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September 3, 2018

Collagen: Turning Back the Clock

You may have heard of collagen as being one of the secrets to slowing the aging process. It has become pretty popular over the past few years, but what is it exactly, and what does it do?

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August 30, 2018

The ABCs of ProBLEN: M

We introduced our ABCs of ProBLEN series to help explain the ingredients, hormones, and other substances we refer to in the literature on our website. In this edition of The ABCs of ProBLEN, we're focusing on the letter M.

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August 22, 2018

Foods and Hormones: You Are What You Eat

People may not realize that their diets actually have a lot to do with their hormones. What you put in your body can dramatically affect the way that it functions, and people may be surprised to find that their diet may be at the root of their hormone imbalances. Hormone levels can be extremely easy to throw off, especially with age.

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August 16, 2018

The ABCs of ProBLEN: L

Health can be confusing, even to the most conscious person. The human body is incredibly complicated and relies on thousands of thousands of natural substances and processes to sustain its functions. At ProBLEN, we want to do our part to help you understand what your body needs and how these functions work.

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August 13, 2018

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Contrary to popular belief, hormones control a lot more than just moods. Our hormones can control the way that our bodies work, how we feel, and how we recover from injuries. Hormones are part of the endocrine system, and they regulate metabolism, growth, tissue function, sleep, and sexual functions.

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August 6, 2018

Intermittent Fasting: A Natural HGH Booster

Intermittent fasting is a process in which people eat all of their calories within an eight hour period and then consume zero calories for the next sixteen hours. This often means that people eat all of their calories in the lunch to dinner period, and then do not consume any food until around lunch the next day. Those following the diet often consume just as many calories as they would if they weren’t fasting at all; they’re just eating them all within a restricted time period.

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August 3, 2018

The ABCs of ProBLEN: H

In our mission to bring you the best homeopathic hormone boosters available today, ProBLEN carefully chooses ingredients proven to work positively in the human body.

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June 28, 2018

Thyroid Repair ProBLEN in Combination with Natural Remedies

Some of the body’s most important functions are produced by the thyroid gland. Functions such as breathing, heart rate, body weight, muscle strength, cholesterol levels and much more. It is important to ensure that your thyroid levels are balanced, overactive or underachieve thyroid levels affect your day-to-day life. ProBLEN Thyroid can remind the body to produce the right amount of thyroid, thus avoiding an over or underactive thyroid.

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June 25, 2018

The Many Benefits of Regular Exercise

Today's world makes it easier than ever before to lead a sedentary lifestyle. So many people work in offices and other environments that don't give them a need to move around, drive everywhere instead of walk, and lead busy lifestyles that don't allow time for the gym. But the need for exercise really is important, and has demonstrable health benefits for all ages.

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