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long history of natural remedies
June 3, 2021

Homeopathy: A Long History of Natural Remedies

Did you know that homeopathy has been around for centuries? In fact, there’s a long and rich history of natural remedies and their usage around the world. In the late 1700s Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a medical school graduate, started his own medical practice. But Hahnemann was disillusioned with the common medical practices of the day. Bloodletting, purging, and toxic chemicals didn’t seem, in his estimation, to be the best way to practice medicine. So, Hahnemann began experimenting with alternative remedies made from natural substances. Eventually, he stopped practicing and went into the lab—becoming a chemist and, at the same time, working as a translator of medical texts. In his translation work he discovered the principle of “similars” –or what homeopaths now recognize as the “Law of Similars.” The Law of Similars is the theory that like cures like or “similar symptoms” produced can offer similar cures. For example, Hahnemann learned that the bark of a species of tree in South America that was used to treat malaria-induced fevers. Interestingly though, this bark, when ingested, caused similar symptoms to those caused by the actual disease—malaria. Thus, he concluded, using substances that may invoke similar symptoms in healthy person may be effective to treat someone suffering with those symptoms in sickness. This concept remains a tenant of homeopathy today. Another main tenant of homeopathy is the concept that the human body has the ability to cure itself. This concept has also been researched, studied and explored for hundreds of years. In fact, the first Homeopathic Medical School in the United States was founded in the late 1800s. By the early 1900s, schools such as Stanford, Boston University, and New York Medical College were all teaching homeopathy. The practice became very popular because of how successfully homeopathic medicine was treating rampant diseases of the era. The early 1900s was a time when scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever were killing many. By the early 1900s there were 22 homeopathic medical schools and 100 homeopathic practicing hospitals. But, with the advent of modern drug companies in the early 1920s, came a shift away from natural cures. As pharmaceutical companies began to work with doctors to release their engineered medications, homeopathic traditions were replaced. Many of the U.S. schools that were teaching homeopathy, shifted towards a focus on treatment using modern medicines. Around the globe, homeopathic remedies and medicines remained popular and homeopathy has flourished in many parts of the world because homeopathic remedies are generally more affordable, all-natural, have no side effects (or harsh chemicals), and no drug interactions. Homeopathic medicines have been helping people for centuries. Though we haven’t been around that long, for more than 25 years proBLEN has helped customers live young and age well with its assortment of all natural homeopathic formulas to help you balance your hormones. proBLEN’s products are regulated by the FDA, created by doctors, and tested for effectiveness. If you’re struggling with the impact of low or imbalanced hormones, check out our full assortment of safe, affordable, and use from home, homeopathic boosters here.

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April 29, 2021

5 Things That Happen in Your Body When You Don’t Sleep

Do you know what really happens in your body when you don’t sleep enough? The symptoms of sleep deprivation take a serious toll on your body and your overall health, yet the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 1 in 3 American adults aren’t getting the sleep they need. Why is this important? Here are the 5 things that happen in your body when you don’t sleep. (And the big reasons why you need to turn off Netflix, power down your phone, and make sleep a priority!) 1. Weight Gain A study of 21, 469 adultsshowed that sleeping less than 5 hours each night can cause you to gain weight and lead to eventual obesity. In addition, researchers in ten separate studies noted that sleeping less than the optimal 7 to 8 hours per night might cause insulin issues that could lead you to develop diabetes.   2. Sickness, Heart Disease, and Cancer Your immune system suffers when you don’t sleep. This makes fighting off random viruses harder. (Which is why we are told to rest when we’re sick!) Less than 5 hours per sleep at night can also have a negative impact on the health of your heart and sleep deprivation has been connected to a greater propensity towards several different cancers. 3. Wrinkled, Older Looking Skin Not getting enough sleep can cause your skin to look wrinkled lose its tone or tightness. Apparently, getting enough “beauty sleep” is a real key to youthfulness!   4. Car Accidents Did you know that you’re three times more likely to get in a car crash if you get fewer than 6 hours of sleep each night? Driving tired reduces your reaction time, slows your alertness, and makes you more prone to getting in an accident. 5. Slowed Cognitive Function Having a hard time remembering things or making decisions? Sleep deprivation could be to blame. Even simple tasks like counting or keeping track of a list of items can become more difficult when you are short on sleep. Get your shuteye so you can keep your brain functioning optimally. Do you get enough sleep each night? If you’re struggling in the sleep department, here’s a safe, natural, and homeopathic way to improve your sleep. ProBLEN has several formulas created to support the systems in your body and underlying hormonal imbalances which may be the reason you’re struggling to get proper rest. in a double blind, placebo controlled test group, 75% of those using proBLEN original HGH reported improved sleep! That’s in addition to younger looking skin, increased energy, and improved mood and muscle tone. ProBLEN HGH is an affordable, gentle, and non-addictive way to get the sleep you need so you can keep your body functioning well!

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6 signs you need to drink more water
April 2, 2021

6 Signs You Need to Drink More Water

Do you drink enough water? Sometimes we feel like we’re downing the water all day, but often it’s hard to keep track. Chronic dehydration carries with it a host of symptoms –from weight gain and sugar cravings to smelly breath and dark urine. Do you know the 7 signs that you need to drink more water? Read them here and find out if you are well-hydrated. 1) Dark Urine Sign number one that your body needs more water is dark urine. If you haven’t had enough water, your body can’t flush out all the toxins effectively and this makes your pee very dark in color. Ideally, every void will be lighter yellow or almost clear in color. This is the easiest way to spot dehydration in adults. 2) Thirst This may seem like an obvious one, but many of us learn to ignore our thirst. Our body signals thirst at a time when we may be busy or unable to meet the need, and we carry on. But did you know that by the time your body signals thirst, you’re already on the way to being dehydrated? In fact, your body could have already lost up to 2 percent of its water content. So, carry a water bottle with you always so you can respond to your body’s thirst signals. 3) Hunger & Weight Gain Dehydration can make you hungry and, beyond that, can make you crave all the wrong foods. Because your body needs water to process glucose for energy, dehydration can lead you to eat more to compensate, when all your body needed was more water to use the energy stores it already had! This can make it easy to pack on the pounds because dehydration also slows your metabolism. Drink plenty of water if you’re trying to lose weight or want to curb your constant hunger. 4) Constipation Hard stools can be uncomfortable and difficult to pass. This is a clear sign that your body needs some help in the fluids department. Drink more water and your stool will be softer. 5) Sickness When you drink enough water, your body can more easily flush away toxins like bacteria and viruses. In fact, that’s why they tell you to drink plenty of fluids after you get sick—to get them out of your body faster. But, regularly staying hydrated is a huge boost to your immune system and can help you stay healthier year round. 6) Bad Breath When your mouth feels like cotton you know that your breath won’t be emitting a sweet aroma. This is all related to dehydration. The more water you drink the more saliva you produce and the more help your mouth has in getting rid of bacteria that grow on the teeth and gums. Sometimes you can hide this symptom by brushing your teeth or using mouthwash –but there’s no substitute for drinking enough water.   Want more healthy tips you can do easily and at home? Read the proBLENopathy blog and learn how to naturally inspire your body to function at its best. proBLENopathy helps you live young and age well.

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2 big reasons your body needs to detox
March 10, 2021

Two Big Reasons Your Body Needs to Detox

Detoxification has become a trend in health. But, there are two big reasons your body needs to detox. They are: pollution and metals. It’s likely you know that detoxification is good for your body. But did you know that without detoxification, your body can suffer from a host of symptoms related to the toxins in our food, water, products, and air? When you help your body safely and naturally detox, you can find relief for a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches and poor digestion, to poor sleep and depressed mood. proBLENopathy’s two new products were designed to help you do just that. Using our Lung Detox and Metals Detox products can help your body stay healthy and energetic, while helping you sleep better and feel happier. Here’s more information on these two natural, homeopathic detox formulas: proBLENopathy Lung Detox This easy to use spray is designed to support the detoxification of your lungs. Viruses (like CoVID19) are just one type of invader that can enter your body and cause strain on your respiratory system and lungs. Pollutants like smoke, smog, and manufacturing emissions can also junk up your respiratory system and make it feel harder for you to breathe. Symptoms of lung toxicity can include poor concentration, headaches, mental fatigue, muscle aches, shakes, and more. Though many of these symptoms could be associated with other medical issues—if you’ve tried alternate ways to get relief and still are struggling, it’s often the toxins that, stealthily affect our health. Keep your body cleared of toxins and watch your health improve with this amazing, affordable, and easy-to-use lung detoxification product. proBLENopathy Metals Detox Hidden traces of metals can be found in everything from our Tupperware to our paint. Metal may be in the fillings in our teeth, in our water, or in our food. Our body accumulates these metal toxins in its soft tissues and start to leave us feeling bad. Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury seep into our system and make us sick and tired. Metallic toxins are associated with headaches, poor sleep, mood disruptions, and poor digestion. Using proBLENopathy Metal Detox you can safely and effectively fight heavy metal exposure. A few sprays a day can help your body gently and naturally get rid of toxins so you can feel better. Skip the detox pills and nasty tasting detox beverage products and try proBLENopathy’s new homeopathic sublingual spray detox products. Find out more about the Metals Detox and Lung Detox here.

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Homeopathic immune builders and what not to do to have healthy immune system
February 2, 2021

Are You Suppressing Your Immune System? Avoid These Four Things!

Suppressing your immune system is something no one wants to be guilty of amidst a global pandemic. We know that eating right, exercising, and getting rid of stress can help support a healthy immune system as discussed here. But, did you know there are lifestyle options you may choosing that suppress your immunes system? Suppressing your immune system can happen in surprising ways! Here are four things to watch for:   Staying Lonely.   In the era of lockdowns, working from home, and social distancing—it’s common to feel lonely. The challenge is, your immune system needs you to not stay that way for long. When we feel physically sick we often search for a cure, but when we feel lonely—we write off the emotions without fully understanding the toll it’s taking on our bodies by suppressing the immune system.   So, just like you’d search for some relief for symptoms of physical sickness, it’s appropriate and helpful to search for relief for your loneliness. Find a group that does an activity you enjoy and become a part, join a gym, attend online religious services, comb through your list of friends from the past and invite them to get together in person or through zoom if you are in “lockdown” mode. Engaging, laughing, and interacting with other humans is something your mind and your body need to stay healthy!   You Never Go Outside.   Inside your home may feel nice and cozy, especially in the winter, but staying indoors isn’t doing your immune system any favors. Vitamin D direct from the sun does wonders for your t-cells and their ability to fight viral invaders. Live near some trees or the woods—staying inside means you’re missing out on inhaling all those organic compounds called phytoncides, which can help you, bolster immune function.   You Exercise Too Much.   Over-exercising is a problem that many aren’t even aware of. Yet, too much exercise causes your body to produce cortisol (because it’s stressed out) and can negatively impact your adrenal system as well as your immune system. Exercise should invigorate you. But, if you exercise too much, you’ll find yourself needing a nap after a workout or craving sweets because your body needs that glucose, fast. Remember, recovery days are healthy too and working out too hard for your age or fitness level could hurt you more than it helps you.   You Drink Too Much.   Drinking alcohol makes it more difficult for the immune system o gear up and defend your body against invaders. Alcohol effects your cells and some studies show that people who drink every day or almost every day are more susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses than people who don’t drink. The lungs are particularly susceptible to the effects of alcohol so if you’re trying to fight off viruses that impact lung function (such as CoVID19), drinking alcohol may be a really bad move for your immune function.   Are you suppressing your immune system? If so, take these tips to heart and then find extra ways to give your immune system a boost like this all natural, homeopathic, easy-to-use immune building supplement that will help your body do what it’s designed to do—protect you from viruses! Learn more here.  

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how to strengthen immune system and improve gut health homeopathic
January 7, 2021

Gut Health, Strengthening Immunity, and Fighting Illness

An old adage says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But, these aren’t just clever words. Science keeps proving it’s true. Building a strong immune system is key to protecting yourself from disease and fighting illness. If you want your body to be ready to fight whatever it faces—many experts now agree that it all starts in your gut. In fact, gut health is now commonly cited as a key aspect to strengthening immunity! What is gut health? Gut health is about the good and the bad bacteria that live inside your GI tract. We all have microorganisms that live inside our gut and these organisms are responsible for up to 75% of our immune system. Did you know the microbial composition of your gut plays a key role in disease prevention, managing inflammation, preventing autoimmune disorders, preventing chronic obesity, and even mental illness? These little bugs play a huge role in our health. Do Probiotics Fix Everything? Over the last few decades many different brands and types of probiotics have entered the marketplace. Research suggests that supplementing with a good probiotic can help heal a “leaky gut” and help restore the balance of good bacteria inside your GI tract to build immunity. Most agree that taking a supplement alone is probably not sufficient without some diet changes and maybe even some detoxification efforts. But, if you need a place to start, talk to your doctor or research the best probiotic supplements for your age, lifestyle, and medical conditions. Are there Signs of Poor Gut Health? Our bodies are very good at communicating when there’s a problem. In fact, there are common, easy-to-see signs when your gut needs extra help and attention. If you have frequent “bathroom issues,” heartburn, constipation, bloating, diarrhea—these could be signs your GI system is in distress. If you struggle with eczema or skin issues, have had unintentional weight changes, or find yourself not tolerating certain foods, or facing new allergies—these too could be signs of leaky gut or poor gut health. Sleep disturbances, lethargy, and depression have also been linked to gut issues. What Else Can I Do to Support Gut Health and Immunity? Healing your gut and building immunity also requires you to manage stress, get enough sleep, help your body detox, along with eating a nutritious diet. The systems of our body are intricately woven together. Treating just one part is rarely as effective as taking a comprehensive approach to your overall health. For more than twenty years ProBLEN has been creating safe, easy-to-use and all natural products to stimulate your body to work as it was designed. If you’re looking for ways to build your overall health and immunity, our detox products (Air Detox and Metals Detox) can help by inspiring your system to filter harmful substances from your body. This helps free your systems and your immune system to operate at its best. Our best-selling, clinically-proven HGH formulas help you increase energy,  manage your weight, reduce inflammation, and sleep better which will positively impact on your efforts to improve gut health and strengthen your immune system. Check out the full line of ProBLEN’s easy to use homeopathic formulas and boosters to help you restore your health and build immunity from the inside out.  

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does your body need a detox how to tell and best natural detox
December 3, 2020

Detox Time? How to Tell if Your Body Needs a Natural Detox

The holidays can be taxing on our bodies! Stress, sugar, environmental toxins, and chemicals in our food put a strain on all of our systems that can leave us feeling sluggish, foggy, or blah. Our bodies were designed to detoxify themselves, but sometimes when all the toxins hit at once–the organs designed to help us detox need a little help to get the job done. Wondering if you need a little help in this area? Here’s how to tell if your body needs a natural detox. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Feel Fuzzy in the Head or Have Chronic Headaches Brain feel foggy? Head won’t stop hurting but you know you’re not sick, hugry, or dehydrated? These could be signs that your body is crying for detoxification help.  Without another medical explanation, headaches are often a sign that something is going on in your body and your body wants you to take notice. Toxin overload can also cause brain fog—that feeling where you just can’t think clearly. The good news is, after a few days or weeks of detoxing, these symptoms usually alleviate themselves. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Have Digestive Issues Constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating and other digestive issues can be signs that your digestive system is slowing down and “gunked” up. Toxins are normally to blame. Processed foods, sugar, and a lack of fiber can all put a strain on your colon and intestines making things move along a lot slower than they should. Watching your diet, focusing on nutrient-rich, fibrous, and raw foods can help aid your detoxification process. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You Have Skin Issues Dry, wrinkled, dull skin or acne and rashes—these are all ways your skin can exhibit signs of toxin overload. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and an important part of the excretory system. But, sometimes the toxic load is too high and your skin will show the signs of being bogged down with toxins. Drinking a lot of fresh water can help you flush your system while using a homeopathic detox product to gently inspire your body to flush what it needs to so your skin can look bright and clear. Your Body Needs a Detox if: You’re Always Tired Fatigue and sluggishness are other signs that your body is working too hard to try to get rid of the toxins slowing it down. If you sleep all night and still wake up tired, or if you find yourself leaning heavily on caffeine and sugar to stay awake through the day—consider the reality that it is time for a detox! Detoxing Made Simple With ProBLEN Some detox products require you to commit to extended time at home while you eat their foods (and stay close to the toilet). But, ProBLEN offers an easier, gentler, and affordable homeopathic detox spray that you can use daily while going about your normal life. ProBLEN’s Air Detox spray can clear toxins from your lungs so that you’re better able to fight viral invaders such respiratory illnesses. ProBLEN’s Metals Detox works to purify your body of toxins you’re exposed to daily. Did you know that these toxins exist in almost everything from our hand soaps and shampoos to make up to food, packaging (like Tupperware), and even the environment? Each product offers a natural and effective way to aid your body’s natural detoxification systems so you can feel relief from the symptoms of toxin overload. Find out more about ProBLEN’s safe and affordable detox products here.  

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6 things to help immune system
October 30, 2020

Six Things Surprising Things to Help Build Immunity

Between COVID19, flu, strep throat, and common colds of every variety—there are many reasons to make sure your immune system is in peak form this winter. Of course eating right and exercising can help your immune system stay strong, but did you know there are other—less conventional—ways you can protect and strengthen your immune system? Here are six things you probably didn’t know would help your immune system. 1. Laugh. Number one on the list of things you didn’t know would help your immune system is laughter! Did you know that laughing is a huge stress reliever, and when you relieve stress, you lower cortisol levels and help your immune system? There’s a reason why they say, “laughter is the best medicine.” When you laugh, your muscles relax and stay that way for up to 45 minutes afterwards. When your stress hormones decrease, your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies can increase. This helps your body get and stay ready to fight invading viruses. 2. Go Outside. Between breathing the fresh air and absorbing Vitamin D from the sun, spending time outside—especially in nature—is good for your body, and especially your immune system. Scientists believe that breathing in airborne chemicals produced by plants called phytoncides can increase the level of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells play a key role in fighting both diseases and infections. Likewise, Vitamin D boosts your body’s immune response. Many studies are being released showing that people with low levels of Vitamin D are more susceptible to COVID19 and that supplementing Vitamin D may help reduce the risk of an, “exaggerated inflammatory response” among those who contract the virus. 3. Sing and Dance. Who would ever guess that belting out a tune would help your immune system? Singing has many health benefits one of which is helping your immune system. According to research published in the US Journal of Behavioral Medicine, people who sang in a professional choir had higher concentrations of antibodies and anti-stress hormones. Likewise, dancing—similar to other forms of exercise—can help strengthen your immune system through muscular action and physiological processes. 4. Get a Massage. Regular massage therapy pushes your muscles to release toxins and flushes them out of your system. Massage naturally increases a healthy immune system’s functionby decreasing the number of t-cells while helping your body kill invaders. Massage also increases white blood cell activity and can help your body reduce levels of cortisol. What a surprising and relaxing way to help your immune system! Why not schedule a massage immediately! 5. Listen to Peaceful Music. Researchers have found that listening to certain types of music can aid the body in recovery and help it heal, while lowering stress. According to an article by the American Psychological Association, listening to and playing music increases the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin A and natural killer cells which attack viruses and other infections. Find your favorite classical station, put on some peaceful smooth jazz, or create a playlist of your favorite peaceful tunes to play wherever you go! 6. Detox Your Lungs. Did you know there’s an easy way to push toxins out of your lungs so that they can stay in peak condition, ready to fight any respiratory invaders that come there way? ProBLEN’s Air Detox is an affordable spray you use every day that helps you detox your lungs from all forms of toxins—pollutants and other harmful things you breathe in the air each day. Learn more about this immune-boosting homeopathic supplement here. Try incorporating these six tips today to get your immune system in peak condition!  

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detoxification can help your immune system find out how
October 2, 2020

Detoxification and Immune System: Can a Detox Help Boost Your Body?

Could you use a detox? Will detoxification help your immune system? Here’s what you need to know. What is a Detox? Detox drinks, pills, and protocols are everywhere, but do you really know what a detox is? Simply put, detoxifying is a way to remove toxins from your body.  These toxins can include heavy metals, pollutants, ingredients in processed food, chemicals, and other substances that are found in your cells but can wreak havoc there. By detoxifying your body, you help your organ’s cleanse out the toxins that may cause you problems. Key Detox Organs There are a few organs in your body play a larger role in detoxing than others. Your liver flushes toxins out of your system through flushing waste. A healthy liver is extremely effective at this job, and removes toxins quickly and effectively. But, inflammation, disease, or problems in other body systems can cause the liver to slow down or not detoxify as effectively. When your liver struggles to remove all the toxins and waste from your body many different health issues take over. Likewise, your lungs play a role in filtering harmful toxins from the air. Smoke, environmental pollution, and other pathogens can invisibly reside in the air we breathe every day. These airborne irritants can cause problems ranging from the stuffy and irritated noses or throats to cancer. Naturally Detoxify Your Body A great way to support your overall health is to be mindful of the importance of your body’s detoxification processes. Ridding your body of toxins can reduce inflammation, freeing your immune system to perform at its best and protect you from viruses and pathogens. With the threat of COVID 19 lingering, and cold and flu season just around the corner, this is an important time of year to make sure your body is effectively detoxifying. It’s also the perfect time to consider ways you can naturally and safely support these detoxification processes in your body. ProBLEN can help you detox with two products designed to support your body’s natural detoxification functions and support your immune system. ProBLEN Helps You Detox Safely and Naturally ProBLEN’s Air Detox homeopathic spray aids the natural detoxification process of your lungs, helping to relieve irritation while relieving the symptoms of air toxicity. If you suffer with headaches, poor concentration, get “the shakes”, feel fatigue, or muscle aches you may be suffering the effects of polluted air. ProBLEN’s Air Detox is an all natural, homeopathic supplement, with no side effects. Simply use the professionally blended spray daily until the desired benefit is achieved. You may also want to try ProBLEN’s Metal Detox. It provides a natural way to flush your body of heavy metals found in our food, water, and environment. When metals accumulate in the soft tissue of our bodies, this can cause many problems. Sleep issues, headaches, mood changes, and sleep problems can all be symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. ProBLEN’s easy-to-use spray can help you feel more energy, sleep better, and feel better all over as you naturally and safely support your body’s detoxification process. Remember, ridding toxins from your body is an important way to support your immune system. How would your body benefit from some detoxification support? Click here to learn more.        

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omega 3 powerful supplement for whole body
September 1, 2020

Omega-3: A Powerhouse Supplement for Living Young and Aging Well

Omega 3 fatty-acids have benefits for almost every aspect of your health. In fact, there are so many health benefits to omega-3 fatty-acids, it’s hard to find an online source that lists them all! So, here’s a comprehensive list of the way Omega 3 fatty acids help you live young and age well! Omega 3 Benefits for Your Heart & Blood Pressure Omega 3 fatty acids can lower your blood pressure, reduce your triglycerdes (lowering “bad” cholesterol), slow the development of plaque in the arteries, and reduce your chances of heart attack or stroke. Some studies show that supplementing omega-3 can reduce the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease. Omega-3s can keep blood platelets from clumping together preventing blood clots. Additionally, omega-3s reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. Omega-3 Benefits for Your Mind & Mood Studies show that people who take omega-3s regularly are less likely to be depressed. Already struggling? When people with depression or anxiety start taking omega-3 supplements, their symptoms improve. Of the three types of omega-3 fatty acids: ALA, EPA, and DHA, it’s EPA that seems to be most effective at fighting depression. Pregnant women are often instructed to take DHA or feed their baby DHA-fortified formula to promote brain health and development. In fact, these omega-3s are critical for development and brain growth in infants. DHA accounts for more than one half of the fatty acids in the retina of your eye and 40% of the polyunsaturadted fatty acids in your brain –making it critical to your mental health and eye sight. In fact, studies show that infants who get enough omega-3s during pregnancy and infancy have higher intelligence, better eye sight, reduced risk of developmental and behavioral issues, and a decreased risk of ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy. Omega-3s Can Reduce Metabolic Issues and Symptoms Omega-3s can help with a variety of metabolic syndrome conditions including insulin resistance and belly fat. More studies proving the connection between omega-3s and improved metabolic response, could have a significant impact on the public health crisis surrounding diabetes and related illnesses. Omega-3s Can Fight Inflammation Omega-3s are a fantastic defense against inflammation. Stress, injury, or infection can cause inflammation. But, prolonged periods of stress can lead to chronic inflammation that has been linked to cancer, heart disease, and other health issues. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the production of molecules linked to inflammation like cytokines and eicosanoids. Omega-3s are Good for Your Skin Omega-3 fatty acids can help your skin look and feel younger. EPA & DHA both have a role in helping your cell membranes stay healthy. EPA specifically helps you manage oil production and hydration, reduces premature aging, and reduces the risk of acne. Omega-3s Can Improve Immune Response New research shows that omega-3s can even improve immune function. Studies dating back decades have shown that fighting inflammation can help improve immune response and also aid T cell response. Because omega-3s have an incredible impact on helping you live young and age well, ProBLEN has included omega-3s in its newest product: our ProBLEN Telomere/DNA Booster. This product is designed to temporarily support the body’s ability to maintain or rebuild telomere length, aid cellular function, and guard against cellular damage. In addition to a proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients, ProBLEN has boosted this formula with omega-3s, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. These powerful vitamins, working in symphony with ingredients to support your DNA and Telomeres, when combined with omega-3 fatty acids, can play a powerful role in helping you live young and age well. Find out more here. Or check out the full line of homeopathic supplements designed to help you live young and age well.

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does using HGH supplement cause Diabetes
July 27, 2020

Can HGH and IGF-1 Help Diabetes?

Do IGF-1 & HGH Impact Diabetes? When a person has diabetes, their body has a difficult time processing sugars (which includes carbohydrates of all types) effectively. The pancreas in the diabetic person has a difficult time producing the right amount of insulin, the hormone which helps regulate your blood sugar by moving glucose from the blood into your body’s cells. When this process is disrupted, we classify the problem as diabetes. There are two main types: Type 1 Diabetes In this type—referred to commonly as Juvenile Diabetes—the problem is the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. Often the body, in an autoimmune response, attacks and damages it’s own pancreas creating and is a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin to process sugar. Type 2 Diabetes In this type of diabetes a person becomes insulin resistant. Becoming resistant to the effects of insulin, the cells don’t do what they’re supposed to do anymore and glucose stays in the bloodstream. This type of diabetes is often called, “Adult Onset Diabetes” and is most common in those who are obese because fat cells displace insulin-receptor cells. What Do We Know About Diabetes & HGH? We know that aging (after 35) can also cause our cells to lose their ability to property utilize insulin. We also know that as cells become less efficient at utilizing insulin, the result is higher levels of insulin in the bloodstream (high blood sugar) or higher levels of insulin (which can lead to low blood sugar). Additionally, we know that the amount of human growth hormone (HGH) our body produces drops as we age. But could HGH play an important role in helping diabetics stabilize blood sugar? Research is showing that it just may. HGH deficiency can lead to hypoglycemia—low blood sugar. But too much HGH—levels of HGH that are dangerously high found in those who abuse HGH injections for body building or sports performance—notoriously has been connecte to Type 2 diabetes. But, does HGH cause diabetes? There’s no research that supports this theory aside from the aforementioned connection between the abuse of HGH injections and Type 2 diabetes. In fact, research shows that balanced HGH levels may play a role in helping insulin sensitivity and in improving blood sugar levels. Could HGH Play a Role in Helping People With Diabetes? A decrease in HGH levels in adults contributes to the signs and symptoms of aging. But, groundbreaking clinical studies show that restoring HGH may actually improve certain health conditions including Type 2 diabetes. Large doses of HGH given via injection may initially lead to insulin resistance and higher blood glucose levels. But, studies administered by Swedish endocrinologys, Dr. Bengtsson and a Dr. Rudman show that after six months of HGH therapy, a patient’s insulin sensitivity will return to pre-therapy levels. But, this return may be because of changes in body composition inspired by HGH –such as a decrease in fat cells and an increase in muscle mass. The researchers concluded that HGH did not increase blood glucose levels or make a patient diabetic. A Johns Hopkins study also found that elderly people with low HGH (often connected to extra intra-abdominal fat) and higher blood sugar can have a positive response in their blood sugar levels when given correct amounts of HGH therapy. Another doctor, hormone replacement specialist, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe believes that HGH can help promote the action of insulin and that because HGH directs insulin to put glucose into muscle, cardiac, and nerve cells instead of fat cells—HGH may improve diabetes. The key to all of this may be a powerful growth factor hormone called IGF-1. Insulin Resistance and IGF-1 Connection Insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1 for short, is a hormone with properties similar to insulin. It has been demonstrated to improve blood sugar profiles in people with type 2 diabetes. Some studies have found that the administration of IGF-1 can normalize insulin resistance. For example, a study done at the Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, looked at how IGF-1 impacts protein metabolism. Researchers Nelly Mauras and Bernard Beaufrere studied the effects of IGF-1 on a number of different body systems, including IGF-1’s ability to stop the protein-wasting caused by steroids such as prednisone. They also looked at the effect of IGF-1 on insulin and glucose metabolism. In their study, they created three control groups of volunteers. One received IGF-1 alone, one received IGF-1 and prednisone, and one received prednisone alone. They concluded that, when given two times per day, IGF-1 at 100 mcg per kilogram of body weight could enhance the body’s protein metabolism in a similar way to HGH. IGF-1 also markedly decreased the protein breakdown in volunteers who were taking prednisone, but IGF-1 did not cause the diabetes-like effects of carbohydrate intolerance and insulin resistance as HGH had done in combination with the prednisone in an earlier study. Instead, test subjects displayed normal glucose metabolism. These results were remarkable because glucocorticoids like prednisone are known to decrease insulin sensitivity and suppress circulating insulin in the body. Can IGF-1 Help Diabetes? Understanding, of course, that IGF-1 is not the same as insulin, it can work on many of the same cells as insulin, influencing the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and affecting the whole body. If cells can’t accept or circulate incoming glucose, this hat leads to excessively high blood sugar levels, which leads to diabetes. According to recent studies, IGF-1 may hold great promise for treatment in diabetic patients. In 1997, two double blind clinical studies demonstrated that recombinant IGF-1 injections can reduce the need for insulin in diabetic patients who are insulin-dependent by up to 45 percent. Included in the study were adults aged 24 to 49 and children aged of 8 to 17. Test subjects witnessed a dramatic drop in their insulin requirements during this short-term trial, with no other serious side effects, which makes it likely that IGF-1 offers great promise and potential in the treatment of diabetes.     Sources: Hale, Larry, M.D., “Is HGH

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covid19 weight gain solutions to balance hormones
July 1, 2020

Dealing With COVID-19 Weight Gain? 5 Tips for Losing Extra Pounds

Stuck at home and stressed out, if the global pandemic caused you to put on a few pounds, you’re not alone. The New York Post reported half of all women and one-fourth of all men in the U.S. gained weight during quarantine. Here are 5 tips for reversing COVID-19 weight gain! 1. Prioritize Sleep. It’s almost impossible to lose weight when you aren’t sleeping well. Stress is the enemy of sleep and the enemy of weight loss. A good night’s sleep – at least 6-8 hours can help your body relax and shed that extra weight. 2. Say No to Processed Foods. Lock down may have forced you to add more packaged or processed food to your daily life. But, as things open up again, try to eat as fresh as possible. Processed foods contain extra sodium and chemicals—things that can make your body hold on to weight. 3. Eat When You’re Hungry. Boredom, stress, fatigue—these are all reasons that compel us to grab a snack. But they can also be a cause of packing on extra pounds. Instead of overly restricting calories, try to listen to your body’s hunger cues. Are you really hungry? Or, could it be thirst? Do you really need another snack? Or, could it be you need a nap. 4. Find time each day to move your body. It can be as simple as a walk, but it will help you de-stress and can burn a few calories, signaling to your body that it’s okay to let go of some extra weight. 5. Help Your Hormones. Some believe that the key to weight loss is calories in versus calories out. But there’s one variable this formula doesn’t account for. That is: Hormones. Hormones can make losing weight next to impossible. They can make you feel hungry when you’re not and they can trigger your body to store weight instead of shed it. Hormones can be enemy #1 if you want to lose weight—so stop working against your hormones and start making your hormones your ally in weight loss. ProBLEN offers affordable, safe, natural, and effective homeopathic hormone boosters that can help you treat the signs and symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. For starters, check out ProBLEN’s HGH booster. HgH levels begin to decline as young as age thirty which can lead to weight gain and muscle loss. ProBLEN’s HGH has been proven to help users gain muscle tone and shed unwanted pounds. For women there’s another hormonal variable that can be a huge obstacle to weight loss. Estrogen and Progesterone imbalance can lead to a host of symptoms, weight gain included. ProBLEN’s specially blended, proprietary Estrogen & Progesterone Booster Spray can help you ward off the symptoms of imbalanced Progesterone & Estrogen and help you drop some pounds. For men, the number one cause of weight gain is low Testosterone. ProBLEN’s homeopathic Testosterone booster aids your body’s systems to help you shed unwanted pounds while helping your motivation to exercise and increasing your energy! It’s not just men who suffer from low Testosterone; women may also have low or imbalanced testosterone and benefit from giving it a boost. If you’re tired of those unwanted pounds and feel like you’ve tried everything to get them off, why not try the ProBLEN way to safely and effectively balance your hormones? Learn more at  

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June 23, 2020

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy After 50 (or 60, or 70!)

Feeling tired or lethargic? Have you believed that after 50, that was your only option? Well, there’s good news. You can have more energy after 50! Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel your age. Check out these five ways to boost energy after 50! 1. Eat Like You’re Fueling Your Body Food is your body’s fuel. So, make choices everyday that make your body feel good. Fad diets will come and go. Certain “health” foods become trendy only to, years later, will be called unhealthy. It’s too hard to keep up with the latest edition of “what you should eat.” Instead, listen to your body. How do you feel after you eat certain foods? Keep an informal food journal and notice if you feel tired or energized after eating certain foods. Write down which foods make you feel fuzzy or lethargic and which foods give you energy. What is right for you may not be right for everyone. Eat to fuel YOUR body, only you will know for sure what that looks like! 2.  Sleep Like You’re Charging Your Battery Sleep has never been an option for good health, but now that you’re a little older—it’s even more essential. This can be a challenge because many older people find it difficult to sleep long enough or have difficulties falling and staying asleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, don’t wait to take action. Consider supplements that can help you sleep better or talk to a doctor about whether or not you have a diagnosable sleep problem like sleep apnea. Without sleep, your body won’t recharge. You wouldn’t think about relying a cell phone that only got partially charged overnight. Why would you expect any more from your body? 3. Exercise Like You’re Having Fun There’s no reason why exercise shouldn’t be enjoyable! And, if you’re over 50 and still doing exercises you hate, it may be doing more harm to your body than good. Exercise should bring stress relief, not cause your adrenals to sore because it’s stressing you out. Think about activities that make you move and make you smile. Maybe it’s taking a walk through nature or doing a yoga class online, whatever it is, make sure you exercise at least 4-5 times a week for thirty minutes like you’re having fun. 4. Defeat Stress Like It is a Enemy Stress is your enemy. It’s the enemy of good health, it is the enemy of long life. Stress will make you look and feel older. Chances are: you’d rather look young and age well. To defeat stress, you have to acknowledge and attack. First, pay attention to your body when it’s signaling you that you’re stressed. Are you grinding your teeth? Are you getting poor sleep? Are you gaining weight? Craving sugary foods? Are you unable to relax? These may all be signs that the stress is waging war on your body. Attacking stress means being intentional about rest and relaxation. Be intentional about taking a day off each week. Do activities you enjoy at least once a day. Listen to calming music before bed (and turn off that cell phone at least 2 hours before sleep.) Take a bath or sit outside on your porch and listen to the birds sing. Slowing down and de-stressing requires intentionality in our chaotic, 24 hour connection, world. But, it’s vital. 5. Use These Like a Secret Weapon By now you’re old enough to know that there’s no such thing as a miracle cure—for anything. But, there are plenty of medically proven ways that you can aid and support your body to help you age well. Science is advancing a warp speed—and new research comes out every month about the impact of telomerase on aging. The fountain of youth may actually be inside your DNA, and researchers are convinced that protecting the length of your telomeres will be the anti-aging cream of the future. Check out this secret weapon for protecting your telomeres here. Of course, there’s nothing that wreaks more havoc on an aging body than out of whack hormones. You’ve probably experienced some of the impact of this in one way or another—whether you’ve diagnosed it or not. Imbalanced hormones can make us gain weight, lose muscle tone, feel lethargic and unmotivated, zap our desire for intimacy, and make us look older than we actually are. ProBLEN offers a host of “secret weapon” options to safely and naturally balance your hormones at home. No needles or pills. No chemicals or medicines with a side effects list to make your skin crawl—just natural ingredients to help you rebalance and restore your body’s hormonal systems. Check out the full selection of safe, homeopathic supplements ProBLEN offers here. They’ve been helping customers live young and age well for over twenty years. Remember, homeopathic supplements aren’t like conventional medicines. You have to use as directed and give them a month or so to really see a difference. They can really help boost your energy after 50, or 60, or even 70! They can also give you a boost if you’re younger. Consider putting your favorite formulas on auto ship. Learn more here.

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how to protect your DNA Telomeres from Disease and live longer
April 29, 2020

Could Your DNA Protect You from COVID19 and Other Diseases?

While scientists are frantically working to develop a cure for COVID19, one thing is for certain. The health of our DNA and its role in vaccine development are more important now than ever before in history. Some call them the vaccines of the future. Now DNA gene-based vaccines may offer the best hope of finding a “cure” for COVID 19 and other viruses that follow.

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April 2, 2020

9 Strategies for Building Immunity and Staying Healthy

There’s no defense like a good offense. Is your body prepared in case you’re exposed to COVID19? Check out these 9 strategies to help you stay healthy and build your immune system!

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December 11, 2019

Telomeres: The Key to Your Cellular Health?

Picture a strand of your DNA—the double helix of genetic information found in your cells. Did you know that there’s one part of this strand that may hold the key to your cellular health? In fact, this one small part could play a major role in how well you age, and, someday, may even be able to help prevent the spread of cancer. This part is called your telemores.

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September 6, 2019

Benefits of Boosting Testosterone for Both Men & Women

While most people think of testosterone as a male sex hormone, it’s important to understand that everyone—both men and women—need a certain amount of testosterone to experience optimal health. If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, and unfocused, low testosterone could be to blame.

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August 3, 2019

Preparing Your Body for a Stressful Season

The impacts of stress are undeniable. Stress can cause weight gain, poor sleep, depression, irritability, and general fatigue. And while, for many of us, summer is a time to be intentional about stress relief, by the time Fall arrives, we’re right back to our jam-packed schedules and soaring stress levels.

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July 2, 2019

Supporting the “Master Gland”: How a Healthy Pituitary Gland Helps You Feel Well

Though barely the size of a pea, the pituitary gland sits at the base of the skull and “commands” control of your body through the hormones it produces. As your body signals needs, your pituitary gland responds by secreting hormones to help—whatever the situation.

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June 1, 2019

Can’t Lose Weight? Is Your Thyroid to Blame?

When it comes to weight loss, we’ll try anything, right? The diet and exercise industries make billions of dollars each year because we’re desperate to shed those

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