It’s the one thing that distinguishes the living from the dead: the ability to reproduce. The trillions of cells in our bodies replicate themselves over and again, replacing dying cells with new cells—carbon copies of the previous cell—thanks to DNA.

This replication process keeps us alive. Your double-stranded DNA molecules copy themselves, producing two identical DNA molecules. Then, the old cell splits to become two new cells, each equipped with instructions from your DNA to repeat the process all over again.

RNA, which also exists inside your body’s cells, performs slightly different functions. RNA is one of the body’s key messengers and plays a vital role in gene expression. During DNA transcription—while the DNA helix unwinds to prepare for cell division—your RNA travels along the strand and gathers the blueprints for protein construction. Your RNA then heads to the cell’s cytoplasm and translates into that protein. These proteins, in turn, dictate cell structures and functions.

Our bodies are wonderful and miraculous organisms. In fact, our bodies can naturally heal themselves from almost anything, as long as this DNA/RNA transcription and replication process stays healthy.

But an error in the process can cause changes in our genes. The DNA sequence can scramble or a new cell could transcribe the wrong RNA sequence causing some big problems. When DNA replication goes wrong, cells can die prematurely or mutate causing diseases and other symptoms of sickness.

In other words: It’s really important that your DNA and RNA replicate well. No RNA equals no translation of DNA, which means no proteins, which means no life!

Unfortunately, protecting this replication process in our bodies is harder than it used to be. Genetic damage has become more common in our modern world thanks to genetically modified foods, nutrient depleted soil, free radicals, stress, and toxins in our environment.

Pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotic exposure can all cause genetic damage. Even if you eat clean, stress can trigger changes in your hormone levels, which can modify the ways your cells replicate.

All these genetic changes can accelerate the aging process. As mutation occurs in brain cells, you become more susceptible to mental health issues and face a greater long-term risk of cancer or stress-related illnesses like heart disease.

When DNA and RNA aren’t functioning optimally, you may also look older. Signs of aging—like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, brittle nails and thinning hair can all be a result of DNA/RNA damage. Healthy DNA and RNA not only help you feel better, you also look better!

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