It’s so simple and commonly understood that drinking water is essential to good health. Why is that? 60-70 percent of your body weight is made up of water. Cells, organs, and tissue need water, in addition it helps to maintain body temperature and other physiological processes. It’s imperative to keep your body hydrated as water is lost through everyday occurrences such as breathing, perspiration, and digestion. In addition to regulating body temperature, water keeps joints and the spinal cord lubricated, thwarts infections, carries nutrients, and is imperative in maintaining healthy organ function, hence why it is so incredibly important to take in sufficient water each day.

Proper hydration also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. When you exercise or are in a hot atmosphere, sweat is essential to regulate body temperature. Adequate water in your system is a necessity to replace these lost fluids. In addition, water will help to avoid constipation and help in maintaining regularity. Kidneys play a crucial role in the process of urinating away waste, and water is essential to healthy kidney function.

Water maintains the hydration of our bodies and is symbiotic to good health. It keeps our bodies running like a well-oiled machine and helps to regulate our levels of concentration. The best advice we have is to keep water on hand and to drink it regularly. It is such a simple concept with countless valuable benefits.

How can you tell if you are consuming enough water daily? Examining the color of your urine, you require more water intake if your pee is darker. You are sufficiently hydrated if your urine is clear or has no color. Exhaustion, a dry mouth, and headache are other indicators of dehydration.

What additional benefits occur when you drink more water? Your appetite can decrease, potential weight loss, better digestion, improved skins texture and your overall health will gain incredible benefits.  Trust us, drink your water, it is worth it.