When it comes to weight loss, we’ll try anything, right? The diet and exercise
industries make billions of dollars each year because we’re desperate to shed those

extra pounds. But what if the problem isn’t what you’re eating or how you’re
exercising. What if the problem is deeper?

More scientists and doctors are discovering that weight loss is far more complicated

than just calories in and calories out. Weight loss, it turns out, is largely dependent
on our hormones. And the organ that controls some of those hormones—the
thyroid—plays a bigger role in our ability to lose weight than many acknowledge.
A little butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of the throat, the thyroid is grand
central station for many hormones. When your thyroid slows, so does its production
and release of key hormones that help you stay healthy. When your thyroid is off,
you may feel sluggish or depressed. You can feel tired all the time and have a hard
time losing weight because without hormones, your body can’t properly convert
calories and oxygen to energy.

More than 25 million people suffer from underactive thyroid. The condition
especially affects women, at a rate of seven to ten times the number of men affected.

Some other symptoms of low thyroid include: difficulty handling cold temperatures,
dry skin, brittle nails, and weakness.

Having your doctor check your thyroid is a simple way to discover if your thyroid
levels have dropped to a range that requires medication. But, there is a way to
naturally and gently support your thyroid function, aside from pharmaceutical

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