While most people think of testosterone as a male sex hormone, it’s important to understand that everyone—both men and women—need a certain amount of testosterone to experience optimal health. If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, and unfocused, low testosterone could be to blame.

For men, testosterone is key to a number of aspects of physical and mental health. Low levels of testosterone can affect the way a man looks—aging him through hair and muscle loss, or causing him to gain weight. When testosterone plummets, a man can feel depressed, fatigued, unfocused and irritable. He may also experience low sex drive or have difficulty with erection. On top of all that, a man with low testosterone may have declining cognitive function. Some doctors believe that low testosterone even affects memory.

For women with low testosterone, there are some similar symptoms. Women will also experience a drop in libido and “low T” will affect her fertility, menstrual cycle, and sexual satisfaction. With less testosterone pumping through her body, women will feel sluggish, weak, and tired. Additionally, without enough testosterone, women may not sleep well, experience a loss in bone density, and even gain weight.

As you can see, having optimal levels of testosterone is important for both men and women. Though women require less testosterone than men to be healthy, both genders will face a host of health challenges when supplies of this key hormone run low. Unfortunately, this happens for way too many men and women after the age of thirty. Men over the age of fifty may have significantly less testosterone than they did at age twenty.

Doctors now recognize just how critical testosterone is for one’s overall health. Because testosterone is a hormone, there are a variety of replacement methods for raising one’s testosterone level. But, many of these methods –like injections, pellets, or patches—can be expensive or painful. Some, like testosterone gels, may even be dangerous if you have children or grandchildren in your home.

But, these treatments aren’t your only option. In fact, there is a safe, natural, and effective way to boost your levels of testosterone without any of these expensive or potentially dangerous treatments.

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