Suppressing your immune system is something no one wants to be guilty of amidst a global pandemic. We know that eating right, exercising, and getting rid of stress can help support a healthy immune system as discussed here. But, did you know there are lifestyle options you may choosing that suppress your immunes system?

Suppressing your immune system can happen in surprising ways! Here are four things to watch for:


  1. Staying Lonely.


In the era of lockdowns, working from home, and social distancing—it’s common to feel lonely. The challenge is, your immune system needs you to not stay that way for long. When we feel physically sick we often search for a cure, but when we feel lonely—we write off the emotions without fully understanding the toll it’s taking on our bodies by suppressing the immune system.


So, just like you’d search for some relief for symptoms of physical sickness, it’s appropriate and helpful to search for relief for your loneliness. Find a group that does an activity you enjoy and become a part, join a gym, attend online religious services, comb through your list of friends from the past and invite them to get together in person or through zoom if you are in “lockdown” mode. Engaging, laughing, and interacting with other humans is something your mind and your body need to stay healthy!


  1. You Never Go Outside.


Inside your home may feel nice and cozy, especially in the winter, but staying indoors isn’t doing your immune system any favors. Vitamin D direct from the sun does wonders for your t-cells and their ability to fight viral invaders. Live near some trees or the woods—staying inside means you’re missing out on inhaling all those organic compounds called phytoncides, which can help you, bolster immune function.


  1. You Exercise Too Much.


Over-exercising is a problem that many aren’t even aware of. Yet, too much exercise causes your body to produce cortisol (because it’s stressed out) and can negatively impact your adrenal system as well as your immune system. Exercise should invigorate you. But, if you exercise too much, you’ll find yourself needing a nap after a workout or craving sweets because your body needs that glucose, fast. Remember, recovery days are healthy too and working out too hard for your age or fitness level could hurt you more than it helps you.


  1. You Drink Too Much.


Drinking alcohol makes it more difficult for the immune system o gear up and defend your body against invaders. Alcohol effects your cells and some studies show that people who drink every day or almost every day are more susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses than people who don’t drink. The lungs are particularly susceptible to the effects of alcohol so if you’re trying to fight off viruses that impact lung function (such as CoVID19), drinking alcohol may be a really bad move for your immune function.


Are you suppressing your immune system? If so, take these tips to heart and then find extra ways to give your immune system a boost like this all natural, homeopathic, easy-to-use immune building supplement that will help your body do what it’s designed to do—protect you from viruses! Learn more here.

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