Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers’ decision to use homeopathic treatments to improve his immune system has made headlines. Rodgers, like many elite athletes, determined to follow a more holistic route and, on the advice of his physician, chose homeopathy to help protect him from CoVID19.

Though critics abound, Rodgers’s choice to treat his body with natural remedies isn’t that unusual. Many athletes around the globe prefer homeopathic supplements for a variety of reasons.

Of course, some do it because there’s no risk of doping. (Illegal drugs that enhance performance can end an athletes career or disqualify them from participating in matches or meets.) But, many choose homeopathy because it’s a gentle, natural, and safe method of treatment that works with your body to encourage your body to do what it’s supposed to do—to heal itself.

Homeopathy Works Well for Athletes

For an athlete who’s livelihood depends on their physical ability to show up at practices, meets, or matches—natural alternatives to chemically-laden medicines are an obvious choice. From over-use injuries to plantar fasciitis, and from arthritis to inflammation—there are many homeopathic cures that meet the needs of elite athletes who push their bodies to the limit.

Plus, if your paycheck comes from showing up at games, matches, or meets, you don’t have time to be sick. Like Rodgers, elite athletes all over the globe choose to use homeopathic supplements to keep their immune systems ready to fight viruses and infections.

The list of athletes who have sworn by homeopathic methods is long. But, here are just a few testimonies to the use of homeopathy for athletes. Kate Schmidt an Olympic medalist in javelin throwing explains that, “Homeopathy can be effective in treating almost anything short of what needs surgery.”

Another homeopathic user in-the-know, Jean-Marcel Ferret, served as doctor to the French soccer team from 1993-2004 (including during their World Cup victory). Ferret once shared in an interview how, “Homeopathy can provide a preventive and curative action, as well as stimulate the body’s natural defenses and speeds up recovery.”

Aaron Rodgers Not the First Athlete to Use Homeopathy

Though Aaron Rodgers faces a wave of backlash for his decision to try natural treatments, he’s certainly not the first or only athlete to use homeopathy. Nor should he be. Homeopathic supplements are affordable, safe, natural, and gentle on the body. proBLENopathy has been creating high quality formulas that have been proven and tested for effectiveness. If you’re interested in how homeopathy could help build your immune system, recover from injury,or help your athletic performance? Check out these great products from proBLENopathy.


Aaron Rodgers is one of many athletes who use homeopathy