Do you drink enough water? Sometimes we feel like we’re downing the water all day, but often it’s hard to keep track. Chronic dehydration carries with it a host of symptoms –from weight gain and sugar cravings to smelly breath and dark urine. Do you know the 7 signs that you need to drink more water? Read them here and find out if you are well-hydrated.

1) Dark Urine

Sign number one that your body needs more water is dark urine. If you haven’t had enough water, your body can’t flush out all the toxins effectively and this makes your pee very dark in color. Ideally, every void will be lighter yellow or almost clear in color. This is the easiest way to spot dehydration in adults.

2) Thirst

This may seem like an obvious one, but many of us learn to ignore our thirst. Our body signals thirst at a time when we may be busy or unable to meet the need, and we carry on. But did you know that by the time your body signals thirst, you’re already on the way to being dehydrated? In fact, your body could have already lost up to 2 percent of its water content. So, carry a water bottle with you always so you can respond to your body’s thirst signals.

3) Hunger & Weight Gain

Dehydration can make you hungry and, beyond that, can make you crave all the wrong foods. Because your body needs water to process glucose for energy, dehydration can lead you to eat more to compensate, when all your body needed was more water to use the energy stores it already had! This can make it easy to pack on the pounds because dehydration also slows your metabolism. Drink plenty of water if you’re trying to lose weight or want to curb your constant hunger.

4) Constipation

Hard stools can be uncomfortable and difficult to pass. This is a clear sign that your body needs some help in the fluids department. Drink more water and your stool will be softer.

5) Sickness

When you drink enough water, your body can more easily flush away toxins like bacteria and viruses. In fact, that’s why they tell you to drink plenty of fluids after you get sick—to get them out of your body faster. But, regularly staying hydrated is a huge boost to your immune system and can help you stay healthier year round.

6) Bad Breath

When your mouth feels like cotton you know that your breath won’t be emitting a sweet aroma. This is all related to dehydration. The more water you drink the more saliva you produce and the more help your mouth has in getting rid of bacteria that grow on the teeth and gums. Sometimes you can hide this symptom by brushing your teeth or using mouthwash –but there’s no substitute for drinking enough water.


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Signs you need to drink more water and are dehydrated