Feeling tired or lethargic? Have you believed that after 50, that was your only option? Well, there’s good news. You can have more energy after 50! Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel your age.

Check out these five ways to boost energy after 50!

1. Eat Like You’re Fueling Your Body

Food is your body’s fuel. So, make choices everyday that make your body feel good. Fad diets will come and go. Certain “health” foods become trendy only to, years later, will be called unhealthy. It’s too hard to keep up with the latest edition of “what you should eat.” Instead, listen to your body. How do you feel after you eat certain foods? Keep an informal food journal and notice if you feel tired or energized after eating certain foods. Write down which foods make you feel fuzzy or lethargic and which foods give you energy. What is right for you may not be right for everyone. Eat to fuel YOUR body, only you will know for sure what that looks like!

2.  Sleep Like You’re Charging Your Battery

Sleep has never been an option for good health, but now that you’re a little older—it’s even more essential. This can be a challenge because many older people find it difficult to sleep long enough or have difficulties falling and staying asleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, don’t wait to take action. Consider supplements that can help you sleep better or talk to a doctor about whether or not you have a diagnosable sleep problem like sleep apnea.

Without sleep, your body won’t recharge. You wouldn’t think about relying a cell phone that only got partially charged overnight. Why would you expect any more from your body?

3. Exercise Like You’re Having Fun

There’s no reason why exercise shouldn’t be enjoyable! And, if you’re over 50 and still doing exercises you hate, it may be doing more harm to your body than good. Exercise should bring stress relief, not cause your adrenals to sore because it’s stressing you out.

Think about activities that make you move and make you smile. Maybe it’s taking a walk through nature or doing a yoga class online, whatever it is, make sure you exercise at least 4-5 times a week for thirty minutes like you’re having fun.

4. Defeat Stress Like It is a Enemy

Stress is your enemy. It’s the enemy of good health, it is the enemy of long life. Stress will make you look and feel older. Chances are: you’d rather look young and age well. To defeat stress, you have to acknowledge and attack. First, pay attention to your body when it’s signaling you that you’re stressed. Are you grinding your teeth? Are you getting poor sleep? Are you gaining weight? Craving sugary foods? Are you unable to relax? These may all be signs that the stress is waging war on your body.

Attacking stress means being intentional about rest and relaxation. Be intentional about taking a day off each week. Do activities you enjoy at least once a day. Listen to calming music before bed (and turn off that cell phone at least 2 hours before sleep.) Take a bath or sit outside on your porch and listen to the birds sing. Slowing down and de-stressing requires intentionality in our chaotic, 24 hour connection, world. But, it’s vital.

5. Use These Like a Secret Weapon

By now you’re old enough to know that there’s no such thing as a miracle cure—for anything. But, there are plenty of medically proven ways that you can aid and support your body to help you age well. Science is advancing a warp speed—and new research comes out every month about the impact of telomerase on aging. The fountain of youth may actually be inside your DNA, and researchers are convinced that protecting the length of your telomeres will be the anti-aging cream of the future. Check out this secret weapon for protecting your telomeres here.

Of course, there’s nothing that wreaks more havoc on an aging body than out of whack hormones. You’ve probably experienced some of the impact of this in one way or another—whether you’ve diagnosed it or not. Imbalanced hormones can make us gain weight, lose muscle tone, feel lethargic and unmotivated, zap our desire for intimacy, and make us look older than we actually are. ProBLEN offers a host of “secret weapon” options to safely and naturally balance your hormones at home. No needles or pills. No chemicals or medicines with a side effects list to make your skin crawl—just natural ingredients to help you rebalance and restore your body’s hormonal systems. Check out the full selection of safe, homeopathic supplements ProBLEN offers here. They’ve been helping customers live young and age well for over twenty years.

Remember, homeopathic supplements aren’t like conventional medicines. You have to use as directed and give them a month or so to really see a difference. They can really help boost your energy after 50, or 60, or even 70! They can also give you a boost if you’re younger. Consider putting your favorite formulas on auto ship. Learn more here.

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