Stuck at home and stressed out, if the global pandemic caused you to put on a few pounds, you’re not alone. The New York Post reported half of all women and one-fourth of all men in the U.S. gained weight during quarantine. Here are 5 tips for reversing COVID-19 weight gain!

1. Prioritize Sleep.

It’s almost impossible to lose weight when you aren’t sleeping well. Stress is the enemy of sleep and the enemy of weight loss. A good night’s sleep – at least 6-8 hours can help your body relax and shed that extra weight.

2. Say No to Processed Foods.

Lock down may have forced you to add more packaged or processed food to your daily life. But, as things open up again, try to eat as fresh as possible. Processed foods contain extra sodium and chemicals—things that can make your body hold on to weight.

3. Eat When You’re Hungry.

Boredom, stress, fatigue—these are all reasons that compel us to grab a snack. But they can also be a cause of packing on extra pounds. Instead of overly restricting calories, try to listen to your body’s hunger cues. Are you really hungry? Or, could it be thirst? Do you really need another snack? Or, could it be you need a nap.

4. Find time each day to move your body.

It can be as simple as a walk, but it will help you de-stress and can burn a few calories, signaling to your body that it’s okay to let go of some extra weight.

5. Help Your Hormones.

Some believe that the key to weight loss is calories in versus calories out. But there’s one variable this formula doesn’t account for. That is: Hormones.

Hormones can make losing weight next to impossible. They can make you feel hungry when you’re not and they can trigger your body to store weight instead of shed it. Hormones can be enemy #1 if you want to lose weight—so stop working against your hormones and start making your hormones your ally in weight loss.

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