Do you know what really happens in your body when you don’t sleep enough?

The symptoms of sleep deprivation take a serious toll on your body and your overall health, yet the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 1 in 3 American adults aren’t getting the sleep they need. Why is this important? Here are the 5 things that happen in your body when you don’t sleep. (And the big reasons why you need to turn off Netflix, power down your phone, and make sleep a priority!)

1. Weight Gain

A study of 21, 469 adultsshowed that sleeping less than 5 hours each night can cause you to gain weight and lead to eventual obesity. In addition, researchers in ten separate studies noted that sleeping less than the optimal 7 to 8 hours per night might cause insulin issues that could lead you to develop diabetes.


2. Sickness, Heart Disease, and Cancer

Your immune system suffers when you don’t sleep. This makes fighting off random viruses harder. (Which is why we are told to rest when we’re sick!)

Less than 5 hours per sleep at night can also have a negative impact on the health of your heart and sleep deprivation has been connected to a greater propensity towards several different cancers.

3. Wrinkled, Older Looking Skin

Not getting enough sleep can cause your skin to look wrinkled lose its tone or tightness. Apparently, getting enough “beauty sleep” is a real key to youthfulness!


4. Car Accidents

Did you know that you’re three times more likely to get in a car crash if you get fewer than 6 hours of sleep each night? Driving tired reduces your reaction time, slows your alertness, and makes you more prone to getting in an accident.

5. Slowed Cognitive Function

Having a hard time remembering things or making decisions? Sleep deprivation could be to blame. Even simple tasks like counting or keeping track of a list of items can become more difficult when you are short on sleep. Get your shuteye so you can keep your brain functioning optimally.

Do you get enough sleep each night? If you’re struggling in the sleep department, here’s a safe, natural, and homeopathic way to improve your sleep.

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things that happen when you don't get enough sleep