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Homeopathic Ingredients

The human body is capable of healing, supporting, and balancing itself as long as it’s provided with the support it needs. The immune, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, muscular-skeletal, and other systems all work together and must be maintained to lead a life of optimal health. A deficiency in one system can affect others, so a holistic approach is always the best for your body. It’s always better to help your body help itself, rather than fighting against it in an effort to force results.

Knowledge is power, so the better you understand your body, the easier it will be for you to maintain good overall health as you age. Since 1997, ProBLEN has helped thousands of individuals to preserve their youth and vitality through our safe and effective hormone boosters and supplements. Our products follow the approach of giving your body what it needs to use its own capabilities effectively.

Understanding our Ingredients

We believe that the quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the product, so this is why all ProBLEN homeopathic and nutritional supplements are formulated and manufactured using only the highest quality of ingredients. When you use a ProBLEN supplement, you know you are getting the best. We want you to Live Young and Age Well!

Ingredients by Alphabet

Below is a list of ingredients listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.


Agnus Castus: For improved sexual vitality; eases mental depression and nervousness.

Allium cepa: Helps relieve headaches and pain in the throat due to a cough. Decreases inflammation, burning, and redness of the eyes. Clears nasal cavities due to congestion and excessive discharge.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Helps decrease high cholesterol or high blood sugar & helps detoxification.

Amylase: Enzyme found in saliva that begins digestion in the mouth by processing starch, glycogen, and dextrin. Decreases rising blood sugar levels in both diabetics and those who are well; valuable in treating a variety of blood sugar disorders.

Anas Barbariae: Reduces the duration and severity of flu symptoms and has strong anti-viral effects.

Apis Mellifica: Acts as a diuretic to reduce excess water retention and to promote optimal kidney function.

Arnica Montana: Moderates emotional fluctuations, redness of the face, and feelings of indifference.

Aralia Quinquefolia: Stimulates blood circulation and promotes the general well-being of the body. Also improves the body’s resistance to stress and increases vitality, endurance, and stamina. It is claimed to strengthen the body to resist disease and fight fatigue and stress, resulting in an improvement in physical and mental performance.

Avena Sativa: For healthy brain nutrition, periodic sleeplessness, and general nervousness.

Angelica Sinensis: For pre-menstrual discomforts and symptoms related to menopause.

Antimonium Tartaicum: For rattling of mucus, coughing, and a feeling of drowsiness; eases sinus congestion.


Bamboo Leaf Extract: Contains antioxidant properties, may have anti-cancer properties (extracts of the bamboo inhibited the growth of cancer cells), used as an anti-inflammatory remedy (reduced inflammation in airways), also lowers levels of T helper 2 lymphocyte cells, which are associated with allergic reactions.

Baptisia Tinctor: For fever, muscular soreness, and septic conditions of the blood.

Bifidobacterium Bifidus: Fights against intestinal pathogens, digestive irregularities, and histamine production, ultimately improving the body’s immunity and avoiding the onset of allergic reactions.

Bifidobacterium Infantis: Aids in intestinal health and helps prevent infections, sometimes used as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

Biotin: Necessary for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which are used as fuels by the body; also important for the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates.

Borage Seed: Used for treating the joint pain and swelling (inflammation) of arthritis, as well as certain skin conditions (e.g., atopic dermatitis), and inflammation of the lungs/breathing passages. It has also been used for symptoms of menopausal disorders.

Boswellia Gum Extract: Used to treat inflammatory conditions; reduces inflammation.

Boron: Used for building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Bromelain: Digestive aid for protein; increases healing of bruises and other traumas.

Bryonia Alba: For a headache and dry, hacking cough.


Carduus mar: Treats liver toxicity and eases feelings of indifference and restlessness at night.

Cimicifuga Racem: For night sweats and feelings of nervousness.

Cola: supports healthy eating

Chromium: helps support healthy blood sugar levels


DHEA: Aids in the treatment of adrenal insufficiency, depression, induction of labor, and systemic lupus erythematosus.

DMAE: Improves mental alertness and clarity of thinking.

DNA: Reduces infection, and helps promote healing in the critically ill; improves immunity; prevents or heals damage to the stomach lining caused by aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Damiana: Used as an aphrodisiac, to treat headaches, and to aid in the control of bedwetting.

Deer Antler Velvet: Immune stimulation, anti-aging, protective and rejuvenating effects, and beneficial effects on blood and circulation. Deer velvet has been used to treat impotence, female disorders, urinary problems, skin ailments, and knee weakness. It is also employed as a tonic in children with learning disabilities or insufficient growth to treat anemia and impotence and to stimulate the immune system, improve heart function, muscle tone, lung efficiency, and nerve function. Regeneration not only involves bone but nerves.


Echinacea Angustifolia: Reduces inflammation and excellent for snake bites and insect stings.

Eleuthero: supports feelings of vitality

Estrogen: Treats hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Euphrasia Officinalis: For swollen, irritated eyes and eye discharge.


Forskholii: supports healthy fat metabolism


Galium: Acts on the urinary organs; is a diuretic.

Gelsemium Sempervirens: For fluid discharge, membrane inflammation, and sore throat with difficulty swallowing.

Ginger Root: Discomfort associated with travel, promotes gastrointestinal comfort.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra: Produces mild estrogen effects, and is useful in treating symptoms of menopause, regulating menstruation, and relieving menstrual cramps.

Green Tea: supports healthy metabolism


Hamamelis Virginiana: Acts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with consequent engorgement and relieves feelings of mental tension.

Human Growth Hormone: Helps balance blood levels of Human Growth Hormone. Relieves feelings of low energy, helps decrease excess body fat and overall weight.

5-HTP: Helps relieve sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia. Shown to relieve headaches and decrease depression.


Korean Ginseng: Improves concentration and circulation throughout the body.


L-Glutamine: Aids digestive tract and muscle cells; prevents infections.

Liver Extract: Promotes healthy liver function, including the synthesis of IGF-I, an important anti-aging peptide that declines as we age.

L-Taurine: An amino acid that produces calming feelings, decreases symptoms of PMS, promotes concentration, and mental acuity.

Lung Extract: Supports proper lung function and eases a cough with little expectoration.

Lycopodium Clava: For gastrointestinal problems from food allergies, and for hives and eczema.


Marshmallow Root: Eases gastrointestinal disorders, relieves coughs and soothes chest and throat irritation caused by coughing.

Mate: Supports feelings of vitality

Merc corros: For inflamed throat with painful swallowing.


N-Acetyl-Glucosamine: Improves memory.

Nuphar: For depression of the male generative system and an absence of sexual desire.


Oophorinum: For menopausal hormone deficiencies characterized by decreased levels of estrogen; useful remedy for treating acne rosacea and ovarian disorders; indicated when the conditions like acne rosacea and other skin complaints are caused after the excision of the ovaries.

Orchitinum: Treats premature senile atrophy, feelings of fatigue, sexual weakness, and supports testosterone production.


Pituitary Extract: Balances the endocrine glands, particularly the pituitary gland, which secretes HGH. Promotes muscular development and muscular activity. Supports restful sleep due to improved hormonal balance.

Populus trem: For painful urges to urinate and treats hypertrophy of the prostate gland.


Rhodiola: Supports feeling energized.

Rhus Toxicodendron: For the relief of red, swollen skin and intense itching.


Sabadilla: For general symptoms of hay fever, especially sneezing, and possesses anti-influenza properties.

Sanguinaria Cana: For nasal discharge and general hay fever symptoms.

Serum Anguillae: For kidney and liver support and detoxification.

Slippery Elm Bark: Relieves sore and irritated mouths, throats, and stomach.

Sticta Pulmonaria: Relieves feelings of dullness and malaise, especially when a cold is coming on; eases dull, heavy pressure in the forehead.

Suprarenal Substance: For sterility, sexual weakness, and supports secretion of DHEA.


Testosterone: For increasing muscular strength and sexual appetite; aids athletes seeking to support their natural production of testosterone safely.

Thuja Occidental: Treatment for irritable mood and emotional discord; treats general debility and muscular weakness.

Turmeric Root Extract: For the invigoration of the genital and urinary system.


Urtica Urens: Alleviates itchy, stinging skin rashes, and acts as a general anti-allergic remedy.


Viscum: Relieves symptoms of cramps and pains in the lower back.