Since the 1940s Americans have been using Tupperware to store leftovers and carry lunches. The stuff seems to lasts forever. But, recently, a consumer goods safety advocate tested some old Tupperware and found that vintage pieces may be leaking metals and wreaking havoc on our health.

Tamara Rubin (known most recently for her consumer safety work in exposing dangerous lead amounts in fidget spinners) found through testing Tupperware that some vintage pieces leach dangerous amounts of metals.

Using XRF testing (a scientific method used by the Consumer Product Safety Commission), Rubin found that the “Daffodil Yellow” vintage Tupperware measuring cups contained the following metals:


  • Lead (Pb): 2,103 +/- 41 ppm 
  • Arsenic (As): 250 +/- 28 ppm 
  • Chromium (Cr): 735 +/- 68 ppm
  • Zinc (Zn): 463 +/- 18 ppm
  • Titanium (Ti): 10,100 +/- 400 ppm


As a point of reference, children’s toys are allowed no more than 90ppm of lead. As you can see, these measuring cups far exceed that standard. In fairness to Tupperware, forty years ago the manufacturing standards were different. Plus, who could have guessed that people would still be using their 1970s Tupperware for food almost fifty years later?

To see the complete list of Tupperware Rubin tested, visit her site here.

If you’ve been using vintage Tupperware, stop immediately. Metal toxicity is a subtle, but serious health issue for many. Years or decades of exposure to heavy metals, can lead to high levels of metal toxicity in your body. From our drinking water to the air we breathe, from medicines, food, and cooking utensils, heavy metals are everywhere. And, in too high of concentrations, they cause our bodies harm.

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