Some things just work better, together. When it comes to healing our human body, doctors, scientists, and naturopaths (dating back to the mid-19th century) have found that homeopathic supplements work best this way too.

The concept is simple: by combining two or more homeopathic supplements you achieve much bigger results than you do when using the same products separately. It’s called synergy. And, when it comes to safely and naturally boosting your body’s hormones, synergy offers amazing results.

The systems of our body were designed to work together—dependent on each other for optimal functioning. When one system slows, it can lead to issues in other systems.

That’s where synergy comes in. By combining hormone boosters to treat various symptoms across different bodily systems, you can produce an effect that’s much greater than treating each symptom or system separately.

I like to think of it as a magic math equation! Instead of one plus one equals two, synergy makes one plus one equal three, four, or even five! Combining two or more hormone boosters gives you an amazing rate of return for your health. What investor wouldn’t want that?

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you start taking thyroid boosters to improve your thyroid function. You see good results.

Then you add the Adrenal/DHEA Booster to support adrenal glands (which often suffer when you have thyroid issues).

What happens? You feel a much more significant boost throughout your whole body thanks to synergy. Alternating the use of these same two products can’t give you the same results as combining them.

Want some ideas of how you can combine hormone boosters to create synergy in your body to help you live young and age well? Here are just a few:

Want to boost immunity?

As cold and flu seasons drag on, consider using HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 with DNA/RNA Booster. You can only be as healthy as your cells. Combine DNA/RNA (your body’s cellular messengers) with an HGH boost and you’ll help your body defend itself from sickness.

Need more energy to make it through your day?

Who doesn’t need some extra pep in their step? Consider boosting your adrenals with Adrenal & DHEA Booster and adding HGH Plus IGF-1 and IGF-2 to your morning routine. You’ll notice a big difference with the synergistic effect of taking these two products together.

Been feeling moody? Depressed? Or not in the mood for making love?

If your emotions don’t want to get off the roller coaster, consider combining the ProBLEN homeopathic Libido Booster with either the Testosterone Hormone Booster or the Estrogen & Progesterone Hormone Booster. The synergy these two products create will help you feel more stable and confident—inside and outside the bedroom.

Need another good reason to try combining hormone boosters? How about saving money? When you order your ProBLEN hormone boosters in a combination pack of two or more products, you’ll save on each order.

Ready to start feeling the benefits of the principle of synergy? Check out all the great hormone booster products here.