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3 Signs You’re Going Bald and How to Prevent It, Naturally!

Identifying hair loss can be tricky. But, fortunately there are a few telltale signs of male pattern baldness that you can use to identify that you’re facing hair loss. Once you do, it’s important to take action!

Medically, male pattern baldness or hair thinning is called androgenic alopecia. About one half of all men, globally, will experience male pattern baldness by the age of 40. Some studies say up to 85% of American men will experience it!

In 1998, a study examining male pattern hair loss in men aged 18 – 49 found that 42% experienced moderate to extensive hair loss, and this got worse with age (16% for ages 18-29 to 53% for ages 40-49).

One major cause of male pattern baldness is the secretion of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone. High levels of this hormone can be detrimental to keeping a full head of hair.

Here are three signs that you may be losing your hair.

1) You Notice a Change in Your Hairline

This may be a given, but if you can see your hairline receding, then it’s likely you’ve already begun the process of losing your hair. Baldness often begins at the hairline, producing that “M” shape above your forehead. Thinning of the hair in this region usually precedes complete hair loss.

The process is often slow and subtle. You may not even notice it for yourself until you see old photos or have a loved one point it out to you.

2) Noticeable Thinning All Over

Some men don’t notice any change to their hairline, but instead may feel a subtler thinning from the back or all over the crown. Because you can’t see the back of your scalp directly, this type of thinning can go undetected for a long time. Consider taking photos of the back of your head or asking a barber or loved one to help you keep an eye on it. Remember, it is important to know if you’re losing hair there so you can take action, before it’s too late!

3) Noticeable Hairs in Shower or on Pillow

If you begin to notice a significant amount of hair on your pillow in the morning, in your brush or comb, or in the bottom of the shower—this may be a sign that you’re going bald. Now, know first that there are many temporary reasons why you may shed hair quickly. So, if you only see this sign for a few days, you’re probably safe. Medications, fevers, stress, and just normal shedding after shampooing can all leave you with fewer hairs on your head. But, if you find yourself constantly cleaning up hair from the countertop or bathroom floor over the course of weeks or months, you will want to take action.


Concerned you may be going bald? Learn how how you can start protecting your hair, naturally.